Delicate Trellis Ring

Every graceful line has a purpose. Created by our artisans, the delicate trellis ring in this rendering was crafted from platinum and set with glistening gem grade diamonds. Using continuous curves our designers created gentle overlapping series tapered of platinum prongs to be shared by each diamond. Their efforts resulted in this crossover lattice design that is lofty and airy, lending itself to promoting the diamonds in a minimalist way.

In this design, consideration had to be made for both appearance, and structural durability. The triangulation of the lattice structure joining the delicate circular under bezel beneath each stone and the tie off to the ring rail provide the contact points and support needed to prevent our platinum prongs from shifting.

The selection of graduated diamonds for this trellis designs was inspired by traditional 3 stone layouts using an upward fanning arc. The strands tapering diamonds on the side of this ring descend from the focal stones follow a plane that parallels the finger. Throw in a few finishing touches by our diamond setters and we have an elegant trellis ring.

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