Diamond Shapes

Diamond Shapes

By Robert Underhill

Along with considering the quality of the diamond you select you may be thinking about the diamond shapes that appeal to you. If you like a round brilliant stone it is a good choice. The round brilliant is the benchmark for maximum brilliance in a fine diamond.

However, if you are one of the many people who have dreamed about a specific diamond shape or want to get away from the design of traditional engagement rings, you may want to consider one of the many fancy shapes available. There are many different diamond shapes ranging from princess, oval, and pear, to emerald, marquise, cushion, and radiant. There are heart shapes, triangular, and nearly any other shape the mind of a diamond cutter can conceive.

The first thing you must weigh is whether the shape of a fancy cut diamonds is important enough to you to warrant forfeiting a bit of brilliance. While some cuts like the princess and the cushion yield high levels of scintillation, many others are less brilliant or and show shadows in dim light. Some diamond shapes are not intended to radiate light and sparkle in the same way the round brilliant diamonds do. The emerald, asscher, baguette, and step cuts allow light to stay trapped in the stone and reflect like a prism. These diamond shapes are are less densely faceted and seem to have an inner glow as you look into them, whereas round brilliant cuts twinkle and sparkle as they look back at you.

Whatever diamond shape you choose for your diamond jewelry or engagement rings, our consultants are here to help. They will share information about diamond grading and diamond pricing. With their help you can learn about diamond clarity, diamond color, and how diamond cut effects the brilliance of your stone. In the end our goal is to provide you with the diamond shape and quality best suits your needs and become your jeweler for a life!