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Design your own wedding rings with the help of our expert artisans – from custom-fitted bridal sets to matching his and hers wedding bands, our artisans have been crafting custom wedding rings since 1980.

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Design and Build a Wedding Ring

Designing a Custom Wedding Band can be fun and easy. You don’t have to be an artist or a jewelry enthusiast to design your own wedding rings; our experts are here to guide you through the process! Whether you have an out-of-the-box design idea or want to incorporate a unique personal touch, any design can be modified just for you. Fit a curved wedding band alongside your existing diamond ring, or create a matching his and hers wedding set. You only need a little inspiration; our master artisans will handle the rest.

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Creating Your Custom Wedding Ring

There are a couple of different ways to customize a wedding ring. One way is to come to Danbury, CT, and visit Jewelry Designs in person. Here we are proud to display the area’s most vast selection of designer wedding bands. This is where you can see artisans creating unique wedding rings that will inspire you. Our designers will show you different elements of style that you can incorporate into your design, along with a large collection of wedding bands for men and women.

You can also design your wedding ring online. Our designers are available for virtual consultation, where you can work with the experts to develop your wedding band and learn about all of your options. You can use the Chat button below for an immediate response to any questions you may have; or contact a designer directly by phone, chat, or email during business hours.

Our consultants will learn your personal style and help bring your dream wedding ring to life. We’ve found that through our design process, our customers develop strong opinions about what kinds of styles they like, and the details they prefer to avoid. Throughout this creation process, you’ll be able to explore a variety of gold wedding bands and diamond wedding rings – which will only help you narrow down your selection. Together, we will discover the elements of design that are most appealing to you. We’re more than confident that with our help, you will be able to build a beautiful ring that will last you a lifetime!

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Creating Custom Wedding Rings

Our Jewelry Designs Guarantee

We’ve helped thousands of couples design their dream wedding rings since we opened our doors in 1980. As a client with Jewelry Designs, you have no obligation until you are completely satisfied.

We have a decade’s long record of creating and crafting what other stores simply cannot, and because of this, our customers have the highest confidence in our abilities. We design custom wedding rings, on approval, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Our Design Process

How We Start Your Design

It all starts with your idea. When you walk through our doors with a dream for a custom engagement ring, we’re prepared to help make that dream a reality. You can explore our vast selection of engagement rings to find designs to customize or meet with one of our experts to begin working out the details of your piece. Once the design is complete, we’ll begin to create your ring into a 3-dimensional CAD design, then print it in a wax form to be prepared for casting.

Types of Design

About Metal Casting

Once your ring design is printed in wax, we can begin the casting process. The wax is placed in a liquid plaster, then heated to an extreme temperature. This does two things: hardens the plaster and melts the wax model. The impression left behind in the wax is filled with platinum or gold, which creates the rough cast for your piece. This cast is cut, cleaned, and prepared for the next step of creation - assembly and setting

Custom Design

Assembly and Setting Process

This step of the process is the part that everyone looks forward to most. Our master craftsmen turn on their torches and steady their hands to make sure that every detail is perfect. If necessary, your ring is assembled from the individual pieces in the cast. Once that’s done, it’s given to a stone setter who places all of the diamonds and any other stones into your design by hand. Setting is an incredibly precise art because each individual stone has a specific slot that it fits into. After this is complete, your piece moves into the final phase: polishing and inspection

Steps to Jewelry Designing

Final Polish and Inspection

Now that your piece is complete, we do one last pass with our polishing equipment. This is to ensure that after we’ve worked on it, your jewelry gets passed on to you at its brightest and most beautiful. Our expert artisans inspect every millimeter and every stone on your piece, and once we’re absolutely sure that it’s exactly perfect, we’re proud to pass your one of a kind piece on to you. All that’s left is for you to enjoy your work of art for a lifetime!

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