Green Tourmaline Necklace

Green Tourmaline Lady Di Necklace

Our Green Tourmaline Necklace features a captivating green stone with shades of blue give this 2.27 ct. Tourmaline character that is seen in very few gemstones. Hand made from white gold this traditional necklace design stands out from others because of the unusual green tourmaline and the methods by which it was created. With the exception of the chain this necklace was formed from a raw bar of gold. The metal was rolled drawn and shaped by tools guided by hand to form various wires and plates.

These 68 miniature handmade components where then welded and soldered together by a master craftsman using a jeweler’s torch. After a thorough polishing each prong was cut with hand guided tools and fit with diamonds and our brilliant Green Tourmaline. Simple in design and elite in construction, this handmade tourmaline is a proud necklace for people in the know.