Flower Jewelry

Flowers are one of the most sought after symbols of affection in the world. They’re given as gifts for all sorts of occasions, and you’d be hard pressed to find someone who wouldn’t love to receive their own bouquet. We do our best to emulate the natural beauty that nature gives us with our extensive flower jewelry collection.

Among the most prized pieces in our nature jewelry selection are our yellow roses. These golden flowers are sure to last forever, like the emotions and sentimental value they represent.  In the case of our golden earrings, the customer wanted to make sure their loved one had beautiful yellow roses as often as they could. Whether they were getting on or off an airplane, going out to dinner, or just spending another day with one another, flowers would always be there.

It’s stories and aspirations like these that motivate us to make every piece as exquisite and personal as possible. We’ve worked with all kinds of inspirations: from people who have incredible gardens and have won awards for their green thumb, to simple pictures of flowers that a customer might have found particularly lovely. We’ve made wedding bands with roses in full bloom, flowers frozen in time with a single petal falling off, and pieces that appear as if a flower is ready to burst from its bud. There isn’t a design that we aren’t ready to try our hand at bringing to life.

Each piece, like each flower, is always a little bit different. Which makes it a lot of fun to create these kinds of jewelry. We often get to make pieces that look like daisies, but very rarely are we tasked to make a daisy that’s the same shape, color, or design. Any custom design is a fun challenge; but unique flower designs are the next level of a challenge we love to face head on. 

Sometimes people ask us what’s our favorite piece out of any of our collections. The answer is simple: the one we’re currently working on. Whether it’s a flower, or any sort of design that brings joy and sparks emotion; we’re always looking forward to the next creation – but we certainly do not forget our past designs and works of art.

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