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Coming into Jewelry Designs to design and customize your very own engagement ring is a fun and exciting experience. A large part of the reason we’ve been able to service the community for over 40 years is our ability to create virtually anything you desire. In recent years, however, we’ve had a growing number of requests from people who have wanted to create their own engagement ring design online but are unable to make it to our store due to distance. This is why we’ve developed our online design process to make it as easy as possible while still giving you the same amazing experience as if you were in person. Our expert designers are ready to help you craft the exact custom engagement ring that your heart desires; here’s how our process works.

It all starts with an idea, specifically, your idea! You probably have some starting point for what you want: whether that’s a pre-existing design or something you’ve dreamt up entirely new, wherever you’re beginning – we’re ready to help you. You can also browse our vast online selection of diamond engagement rings to see what styles we have to offer and what adjustments you might want to make. Your next step is getting in contact with any of our designers, and there are a couple of ways you can do that. We have a messenger chat box on our website where you can submit your request, so a design team member can review your inquiry and reach with all the possibilities. Or you can call our store directly to get to talking with someone right away. Just because you’re unable to make it in person doesn’t mean you won’t get a personalized experience. We’ll work with you over the phone or by video call to iron out all the details and ensure you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for. Our designers will also double and triple-check the design with you via photos before we move on to the creation process on our end.

We’ve been glad to make unique engagement rings for people across the United States. From Vermont to Florida, the Virginias out to Chicago, and even out the west coast of California, you can find Jewelry Designs’ original works everywhere you go. We’re proud to be able to work with people near and far to make their dream jewelry come to life. From small detail changes like stone replacement or setting styles to entirely new pieces that you dream up, our design team and diamond specialists are here for you and all your jewelry needs.

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