Chain Repair

By Robert Underhill

Is it any wonder that chain repair heads the list of most common jewelry service requests? After all, most gold chains have hundreds of movable parts that continually rub against each other, causing them to slowly erode over time. Ultimately this slow erosion is the precursor to breakage that can lead to the loss of a chain or the valuable, sentimental pendant that may be hanging from it.

Along with all of the movable links, we can add in the constant sliding of a pendant which continually glides back and forth as it is worn. Throw in the occasional fiddling and twirling of chains when we are bored, along with the baby we hold in our arms that insists on playing with or trying to eat anything shiny and we can see why chains top the list of jewelry repairs.

One of the goals of our jewelry consultants is to provide advice on the durability of your chains, so that you can decide what valuable pendants will or will not be worn on them. Chain repair is not typically an expensive proposition, however, the loss of a valuable necklace can be.

Most chains will break at the ends, on or near loops or tabs that latch and where jewelry clasps are secured. Typically, these areas can be rebuilt by melting a controlled amount of silver, gold, or platinum over the thinning metal. When this is the case, we will try to advise you on additional locations that need obvious work.

The need for some chain repair is caused by acute trauma from a sharp pull, hanging up, or the removal of a top, blouse or even a scarf. In these cases, the damage is usually localized to a single spot and we can solder or laser weld an individual link to repair it. Unless the chain was stretched substantially during the breakage, the repair will be durable.

Unfortunately, some chains are worn to a point where they can no longer be used confidently. The old saying that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link is of extreme consequence when there is a diamond necklace hanging from it. When all links in a chain have eroded equally, it is nearly impossible for you to keep up with the maintenance.

Our experienced jewelers do all chain repair in our shop at our location in Danbury Ct. In many cases, the repaired areas are not detectable after the work is done. While you are in our shop scheduling the chain repair, our consultants will inspect the chain to inform you of additional wear that may be occurring. We will advise you on care and the durability of the chain if you are using it to support a pendant.