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Jewelry Designs

Designing & Servicing Jewelry In Our Community For Over 40 Years

Jewelry Designs Difference

If you are searching for a jeweler, it is important for you to understand the Jewelry Designs difference. Aside from the fact that we have a great staff that loves what they do, we can also offer a finer level of jewelry and services than any you have received before. Since we make our own jewelry in-house, we have a team of very talented jewelers available to us. This means that when you visit our store you will hear the advice of expert jewelers who understand your needs. Since all of our jewelry repairs and services are done on site, you can be confident that there is always someone on hand to provide you with a jewelry solution and calm your concerns. After all, who knows more about fine jewelry than the people who create it?

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So let’s talk about product. Once again the Jewelry Designs difference is obvious. When you enter our jewelry store you will pass through one of the most comprehensive custom jewelry shops in the country. You will see jewelers, designers, and artisans creating artistic jewels for people just like you. Knowing that our customers are watching us gives us inspiration and pushes us to make the finest jewelry possible. Our team of jewelers and artisans each feel a sense of personal responsibility in the outcome of every customer creation. No one is more concerned about your jewelry and how happy you will be than the jewelers who created it. Here in lies is the Jewelry Designs difference!

You can take comfort in knowing that our engagement rings and wedding bands are all created here in our studio by master jewelers. Almost all of our fine gold and platinum jewelry is created in-house by the same group of skilled artisans. Meanwhile, any other specialty items we may select from outside resources, such as chains or designer earrings, all must meet our rigid quality standards and code of ethics. Still, at Jewelry Designs you will find an outstanding selection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings made right here in America by our master jewelers’ own hands. So if you are looking for a quality jewelry designer, visit our store in Danbury, CT, and experience the Jewelry Designs difference. We will do everything in our power to earn your trust and become your jeweler for life.

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The Area's Leading Jeweler

So what makes Jewelry Designs the area’s leading jeweler? Let’s face it, there are countless jewelry stores so why choose Jewelry Designs?

For many clients, the answer is that we design and create most of our items in our showroom, one piece at a time, here on location. Customers love the idea that our master jewelers create world class jewelry right in front of their eyes. It is apparent upon visiting our Connecticut jewelry store that our jewelers have a determined appreciation for each and every customer that comes our way.

Of course our jewelers appreciate the clients who visit our shop since they have come to admire our creations and they trust us to carry out their work. It is this appreciation that inspires us to provide outstanding customer service, and it is this dedication to service that has led to our decade-long reputation as the area’s leading jeweler. Customer service is the cornerstone of our business.

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For some clients, it is Jewelry Designs long-standing reputation as one of the nations’ premier jewelry designers that has led us to becoming their jeweler. Since 1980, our jewelers have been crafting fine custom jewelry custom jewelry for countless satisfied customers. Our artisan’s works have been viewed by people all over the world. Our original designs have been featured on prime time television and exhibited in prominent museums across America. This rich history and reputation in our community instills confidence that our elite group of jewelers will continue making jewelry and providing customer service that exceeds any expectations.

Our artisans want you to select Jewelry Designs as your jeweler because we offer a unique high quality product and the most comprehensive jewelry services available. Our attention to detail, fresh original designs, expert workmanship, and personal service will inspire you and invoke your trust. We are also committed to providing the best value on precious gems and diamonds as we continue to adhere to the same quality standards set out by the original founders. Our team of jewelers, gemologist, and consultants are dedicated to maintaining our status as leaders in jewelry design and providing you with unparalleled customer service.

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