Handmade Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry

In today’s world of mass production, computer technologies, and CAD designs, few things have the touch of original art forms. Specifically, there are fewer and fewer pieces that will have the signature handmade jewelry feel to them – where you know something is special about it just by looking at it.

The process of hand-making a piece of jewelry is far more in-depth and detailed than our usual designs. Before we can even start dreaming up a piece, we need to find a gemstone that is worthy of the time and effort that goes into hand-making jewelry. In this latest project, we had an incredible aquamarine with a gorgeous cut. It was such an incredible specimen that we knew this aquamarine jewelry deserved the highest quality design we could create.

We wanted to make a masterpiece: something that, in two generations, when someone opens their jewelry box, they can look at it and say, “it’s still perfect the way it is.” When our designers saw this aqua stone, they knew it was destined to be in a perfect handmade aquamarine necklace. Once the design was done, it was up to the master craftsmen in our workshop to make it a reality. The metal had to be rolled out raw, then cut into pieces that would be measured and assembled one at a time by hand.

Handmade pieces, like this aquamarine pendant, are an absolute treasure that we take great pride and joy in creating. But as much as we enjoy making these pieces, we’re even more excited to share these creations with you and your loved ones. It’s our hope that whether you design your own jewelry or fall in love with our handmade jewelry, crafted in our Danbury, CT shop, it becomes your treasure for a lifetime.

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