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There are dozens of types of gemstones out in the world, and creating jewelry from them is our bread and butter here at Jewelry Designs. Our collection of gemstone jewelry may seem endless, and that’s because it is! We excel at creating custom jewelry and working directly with our clients who want to bring their visions to life. Recently, we added several pendant and earring sets to our collection, three of which include matching stones: an aquamarine set, an indicolite set, and a pink tourmaline set. It’s not hard to find a high quality stone, but getting three or more of a kind of such an impressive stone is no easy feat. When we realized the opportunity, we just had to take it.

The designs of each of these sets had two important factors for us to keep in mind during creation. First, we wanted to keep the piece surrounding the gems simple. This allows us to display the gem in a way that shows off its true beauty. Second, it was crucial to demonstrate the customization of each piece. While these sets were made with the gems in mind, we can easily tailor any frame to match any gem.

Jewelry is a highly sought after gift, and a wonderful keepsake that can last generations. We like to add a special personalized touch to the pieces that we make. Customizing jewelry is the perfect way to make a piece your own. Now, we could spend all day talking about our specialty, or we could show you the time and care that goes into every project that comes into our workshop. In this video you’ll see the creation of four different sets of jewelry: the three sets mentioned before, and the last is a magnificent feather necklace that we made an addition to. The addition, while small, is incredibly impactful because it allows the wearer to change the pendant placed in the center. The pendants displayed were also handmade in our store by incredible artisans with decades of skill and experience.

Be sure to visit our store in person to see these pieces for yourself, it’ll be worth the trip to have your breath taken away.

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