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“Just Cut It In Half”

Gemstone jewelry pieces are always beautiful: and there’s a vast selection of possibilities to choose from both in terms of what gems to feature and what kind of jewelry to make. When it comes to creating jewelry like earrings, there is an added challenge to the process that you may not have thought of. The gemstones for the piece have to be precise matches, and finding gemstones so similar to one another is not an easy thing to do. It’s very rare that they occur naturally, and creating a matching pair is not a common solution either. Cutting a gem is not ideal because of the loss of material, and therefore value. There has to be a high degree of certainty from both the gem supplier and gem buyer that the potential of a matching set is higher than the potential of a gem in its natural form. As much as we wish there was an easy solution, it’s never as simple as “just cut it in half”

What Could Be

When we do get the opportunity to work with matching gemstones, we know we have to pour our time and energy into making the design. In the case of these gemstone earrings, the perfect design was something more on the simple side. The tourmaline gemstones were made by the best artist we know: nature, and it became our job to transformed them into an exquisite handmade jewelry set. We’re fortunate enough to have artisans and jewelers that share a collective vision of what could be; along with a joy that comes with holding these matching gems both in their original form, and the final work of art that is built around them. These pink rubellite tourmaline earrings are truly one of a kind.

Our goal is always to create the very best and beautiful works of art and make sure you can enjoy it for a lifetime. Matching gemstone jewelry is one of our favorite ways to achieve that goal. Finding these gems may be infrequent, but what is consistent is our drive and skill when it comes to building jewelry. These rubellite gems were the perfect catalyst for creating earrings that are bookends to each other. Even though they are complete now, it’s a set that we won’t soon forget – even as we look towards the possibilities of matching gemstone earrings and jewelry designing around them in the future.

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