Vintage Engagement Ring

Vintage Art Deco Ring

Extreme attention to detail is evident on the Vintage art deco ring design in this illustration. Our Vintage Engagement Ring design features a center 1 carat diamond highlighted by accent diamonds in the spirit of rings that where created by old world jewelers from the early 20th century. The “Deco” influence in this detailed ring is as fresh in today’s styling as it was a century ago.

Designing Vintage rings

Our  Jewelers are well suited for designing vintage rings. For over 3 decades we have been diligent in antique jewelry restoration. Our team of  jewelry designers have restored tens of  thousands of period pieces and are intimately familiar with Georgian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco design. Our familiarity with original vintage engagement rings make our artisans naturally suited to stylize jewelry reflecting this period.

Creating the Ring.

The artist creating the Deco Ring started by hand carving a wax model which was cast in platinum. The ring was then recreated by a cad designer showing all of the elements seen in our rendering. The Cad renderings are then milled in wax, or grown in resin to create a basic model which is burned out of a plaster like mold using the lost wax casting process. The hollow cavity that remains is filled with molten precious metal which is centrifugally thrown into the mold.

Upon completion of the casting process the metal is polished and engraved to prepare it for torch and metal work. The bench jewelers then fabricate miniature filigree scrolls from strips of gold or platinum to be soldered into position in the  the side vents of our ring. The  filigree accents can even be created from different color golds to create a 2 tone vintage engagement ring.

After another polish and some touch up work diamond setters meticulously seat the diamonds into the ring and tool the metal by hand to secure them.