Ethiopian Opal Earrings

Bezel Opal Earrings

Nature is the artist of this pair of simple Bezel Opal Earrings. Although opal is the birthstone for October it remains a favorite among jewelry fanatics everywhere. Fine opal from Australia has been prized for centuries. More recently Ethiopia has yielded gem color opals as seen in this pair of Ethiopian Opal Earrings. This pair of simple bezel opal earrings is easy to wear and guaranteed to add drama and color to any jewelry wardrobe.

Choosing Opal Earrings

When choosing opal earrings you will soon realize every pair is unique. This pair of Ethiopian earrings is one of a kind. The Stones where cut as bookends from the same rough in order to create a matched pair. Choosing opal earrings is very subjective and can be a fun quest. Because of the wide variety colors and shapes, searching for a matched set of opal earrings that fancy your eye can become an obsession. If you find the pair that you truly love be prepared to act because once they are gone you may never see another pair quite like them.