Tear Drop Emerald Necklace

Immersed in a generous diamond grouping, this tear drop emerald is set in a handmade pave’ necklace created by local masters. This elegant necklace was created by our master jewelers in Danbury Ct.

Creating A Handmade Pear Emerald Necklace

This Tear Drop Emerald Necklace started with a 1.16 carat beautiful elongated pear shape emerald with outstanding brilliance and clarity, our jewelry designers set out to make a handmade creation. Using a raw white gold ingot the model maker forged, hammered, rolled, and drawn the precious metal into 120 pieces. Each section of wire and sheet crafted to the exact shapes and sizes necessary using only hand driven tools. Using a jeweler’s torch these materials where then welded and soldered into precision locations guided by the model maker’s steady hands and eyes.

Upon completion of precision assembly the necklace is polished and prepared for our skilled diamond setters to apply the emeralds and accessory diamonds. Each of the wire tabs where carefully cut by hand tools to prepare a seat for the specific gem to be set in that position. As each stone is seated the prong is cupped down over the stone allowing the gem to be presented at the precise angle needed to achieve the desired effect.

All toll a total of 23 hours of rare old world skilled labor is needed to create this handmade tear drop necklace. There you have it, fine Jewelry is still made in America!

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