Scrolled Princess Diamond Ring

The beauty is in the details of this Scrolled Princess Diamond Ring! Created by our artisans, this rendering features vented panels with lofty billowing ribbons of precious metal. Part of our Edgy Lace collection, the hard lines of traditional jewelry is softened by a subtle element of lace. The discrete rolling scrolls inside of clean vented edges in this collection broadcast underlying femininity.

Scrolled Princess Diamond Ring

Designing The Princess Ring

Using traditional pitch and angles our designers set out to present traditional styling with a twist. As is the case with many of our designs, we create a window into a different world presenting trace elements of whimsical scrolls offering hints of care free styling. The goal is to suggest subtle feminine flow without making a blatant announcement.

The scrolling elements of design in this edgy engagement ring are evidence of the quality workmanship and talented artisan efforts invested in it.

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