Plique a Jour Earrings

A dramatic field of blue draws the eye to a brilliant bouquet of diamonds in our elegant Plique a Jour Earrings. As jewelry designers, we are always excited when we have the opportunity to incorporate expanses of color into our creations.

The translucent ceramic window shows through a sheer powder blue glaze that flows into a brilliant cluster of diamonds. These original white gold drop earrings feature a pair of diamonds totaling 1.52 carats surrounded by delicate diamond halos.

Designing Plique a Jour Earrings

Created as part of our Plique a Jour Collection™ ,our elegant earrings where designed by our artisans in using computer animated design. Using special grooving techniques enables us to apply a thin layer of glass like material to be suspended in the vented strands of white gold that flow into our diamond clusters. The artisans pay special attention to ensure that our design provides just enough support to ensure long term durability, while remaining delicate enough be worn comfortably.

Once fashioned, the models are created from resin and invested in plaster. The plaster is then raised to a temperature of 1350 degrees over a period of 10 hours to incinerate the model, resulting in a hollow impression. Loading the plaster mold into a centrifuge, molten white gold is spun into the chamber to recreate the design in precious metal.

The delicate white gold casting is then hand finished and polished in preparation for the setting of the diamonds. Expert stone setters hand cut and seat each stone in the miniature prongs. Tooling each stone to ensure that they are secure enough to passed on for generations.

Once set, a sheer layer of transparent blue ceramic is suspended in the gallery above the stones creating a distinct original earring that glistens in the light!