Meteorite Jewelry

As with all jewelry designers, we are constantly seeking exotic materials to create jewelry from, so it is understandable that we are excited to craft a design a collection of Meteorite Jewelry for men. With so many jewelry connoisseurs clamoring for original jewelry, the use of an extraterrestrial mineral provides a bit of a thrill. The idea that a piece of meteorite that was hurling through space for eons can be worn as jewelry is intriguing to almost any man whose boyhood dreams included space travel adventures.

Creating Meteorite Jewelry

Over the past several years our designers have been creating jewelry using mineral cut from meteorite to craft fine jewelry from gold and platinum. While creating meteorite jewelry our concern was to present the material in a masculine design that showcases the stone while protecting it from the rigorous wear that men sometimes incur on jewelry.

In the case of our featured meteorite design the mineral was cut into a slab and contoured with a soft bowed surface into a barrel shape.Working with white gold our artisans fashioned a tapered ring with yellow grid lattice inserts seated in the edges of our design. Although durable we decided to set our meteorite from the inside of the ring to protect it from being knocked around. The bottom of our contemporary design features an angular European shank with raised JD logo in yellow in bedded in a black ceramic circle.

It was very rewarding for our jewelers to create the line of  meteorite jewelry. Knowing that our works are being worn and enjoyed for both their aesthetic appeal and scientific collector appreciation is gratifying.