Lemon Citrine Pendant

Half Moon Lemon Citrine

Very often the design of a piece is dictated by the gemstone, as is the case with this Lemon Citrine Pendant. In this simple handmade white gold necklace featuring a 10.44 carat half-moon shaped Lemon Citrine, its’ all about the stone. The unusual cut of this gem provoked our designers to stylize a noninvasive setting from white gold that would have minimum impact on our beautifully carved gemstone.

Designing Around Gemstones

This Lemon Citrine necklace is just one of the many examples of how our artisans create jewelry designs around gemstones. Often it is the gemstone that dictates the style of designer jewelry. In many instances the jewelry design process starts with falling in love with a stone and listening to what it is telling you. I this case styling is minimal. In other situations the gem is screaming for a designer flair or a supporting cast of accent stones.