Designer Black Opal Necklace

Free Floating Black Opal

Perhaps no stone is more enchanting than the one in this Designer Black Opal Necklace, and our artisans certainly captured the beauty of this in a free floating design.

This magnificent 4.75 ct free form Australian black opal is laced with a stream of white gem grade diamonds totaling .85 ct.  The deep blue and green flashes dance in the light as the necklace is worn. Our jewelry designers captured the beauty of this unusual cut by playing off the dramatic length of this gem grade black opal specimen. This one of a kind designer necklace appeals to jewelry lovers and gem collectors alike.

4 thoughts on “Designer Black Opal Necklace

  1. John DiGregorio says:

    Came close to integrating the bail this time & then stuck
    a ‘rabbit ear’ bail on the back.

    • Jewel24 says:

      Hi John,
      The second wire looks like a rabbit ear however it is a hand made piece and the wire was positioned to balance the piece on the chain. As for the octagon necklace bail that you referenced in your last e mail the bail was intentionally designed with the herring bone pattern in. Different feel for different jewelers, and about a thousand way to approach different projects. Thanks for your feed back, always good to here from a fellow jeweler!

    • Jewel24 says:

      Jewelry Designs a gallery in Danbury Ct. where we make and display our jewelry. Dave Shepard will contact you on Monday with more information

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