Custom Peridot & Iolite Bracelet

One of the great pleasures of being a jeweler is having the opportunity to work with clients who enjoy designing their own jewelry, as is the case with this Custom Peridot & Iolite Bracelet. There are few things more rewarding than to have ones work appreciated by someone who is passionate about jewelry and gemstones.

In the case of this Peridot & Iolite bracelet, our client knew exactly what she wanted. We procured a matched suite of oval Peridot and paired them off with princess cut Iolite. The weighty links where stylized from white gold with clean stepped bezels and joined with lapped hinges. Once finished the Peridot and Iolite where neatly gypsy set by our jewelers.

As an added accent our client had us create a ½ carat diamond tassel to jingle at the clasp. Nice touch!