Creating a Handmade Golden Sapphire Ring

Created by our master jewelers, this Golden Sapphire ring is a rare handmade 2 tone setting. Contrasted by diamonds encircling the top and sides, the 5.27 ct. oval golden sapphire proudly glistens in our mounting. This elegant ring features gypsy set diamonds that radiate light from every angle.
Create a Golden Sapphire Ring

The Making of the Golden Sapphire Ring

This handmade Golden sapphire ring maintains the rare status of being set into a class of jewelry known as handmade. In life we encounter many arts and crafts that are handmade, however it is only a select few that are created with the precision and skills used to craft our platinum and 18kt setting. In order for fine jewelry to be classified as hand made it must be created by artisans using only tools that are guided by hand. It is for this reason that very few pieces of fine jewelry enjoy this elite status.

Handmade Golden Sapphire Ring
Inspired by the prospect that their works will be passed on for generations to come, our group of master jewelers enjoy using old world standards to create the Golden Sapphire Ring. Starting with a molten pool of pure platinum, our jewelry model makers poured a raw ingot. From the small platinum bar, the jewelers shaped and forged 62 miniature precision components. Each bezel and wire carefully measured and filed to the exact shape and size needed to create our custom setting. Once created, the detailed components where welded together under magnification at temperatures exceeding 3,000 degrees. Every platinum wire and strut was welded or soldered into position with care so as to not to melt the hours of work already in position.

Forged from a raw bar of 18 karat yellow gold, the body of the ring was hammered, shaped and filed to yield the graceful bridged shank that is shown in our photographs. After completing the two primary components of the ring, the jewelers then married the two metals with a jeweler’s torch creating this magnificent setting.
Golden Sapphire Ring-angle

After completing our handmade ring the setting was meticulously polished to a bright lustrous finish in preparation for the setting the shimmering golden sapphire and accompanying accent diamonds. They meticulously toiled to  tedious job of seating seat each gemstone into the platinum prongs to ensure that our creation will be fit for lifetime of wear.