Snowman Necklace

With a corncob pipe and a button nose, this adorable snowman necklace is loved by all who see it. This two tone gold snowman is created from yellow and white gold with blue sapphire eyes and diamond buttons.

 Designing a Gold Snowman

Our designers had fun on this one. The body of our snowman is created from white gold with a soft mat finish to give it a “Frosty” appearance. The reverse side of this weighty pendant is finished with an open lattice snowflake pattern. With stove top hat, corncob pipe and arms fashioned from gold, this fellow is even sporting a scarf.

Our jewelers fashioned seven miniature models from gold and then welding them together under magnification. The jewelers then polished the yellow features and applied a neat frosted finish to the white gold snowman. Once constructed, our diamond setters seated diamond buttons into the body for added twinkle. As for the “Two eyes made out of coal”, sorry, we could not allow that to happen, so our snowman has sparkling blue eyes gypsy set with sapphires.

Shown as a necklace, this 30 mm tall snow man is also available as a brooch.