Sapphire Trilliant Necklace

Designing a Sapphire Trilliant Necklace

Handmade from white gold with platinum wires and cage work, this simple triangle necklace features an intense blue brilliant 2.36 ct. sapphire surrounded by brilliant diamonds. This delicate 2 tiered Sapphire Trilliant Necklace was created by Jewelry Designs model makers from 2 pools of molten metal, 1 white gold the other platinum.

The metal was rolled, wrought and drawn by hand guided tools in the way of old world masters. 2 plates where formed and pierced in white gold and the bail was hammered into a flat sheet then fashioned with files to a long convex surface. Platinum wire was drawn by hand to connect the precision handmade under bezels by torch. The gem stones where then set by assuring seats into the wires by hand guided tools and the stones crimped shaped and trimmed to secure them in this seemingly simple design.