Ruby Halo Ring

Neatly framed in diamonds, our Ruby Halo Ring draws the eye to the brilliant red center gem. Our jewelers created a center ruby halo with triangular diamond halos tucked beneath. They elevated the gemstones on a delicate scalloped lattice which and positioned them on a bridged yellow gold ring shank. The contrasting border of diamonds in white announce the 1.25 ct. ruby as an important gem.


Designing the Ruby Ring

While designing the ruby halo ring, we needed to decide on the budget for labor, materials, and supporting gemstones. Through careful planning we were able to ensure that our budget and materials related to both our client’s needs as well as the importance of the featured ruby.

As jewelry designers we are often confronted with making decisions about how to best present a stone. In doing so we need to determine our customer’s desires. After deciding on a design direction, we arranged a cast of accent gems that where appropriate for the center gemstone. Because our ruby is a valuable stone, our budget warranted the use of fine white diamonds and the hours of highly skilled labor necessary for our designers to create our ruby halo ring.

In the end our artisans created a beautiful field of diamonds that frames and lead the eye to our bold red ruby.