Red Opal Ring

Among the rarest of gems, this red opal ring features an intense black opal with a very rare red harlequin pattern. Of the many black opals that we have acquired throughout the past 33 years, few have rivaled the very rare red coloring exhibited in this gem specimen. Weighing 3.01 carats and surrounded by .80 ct. of fine white diamonds, this amazing Australian black opal features the most sought after color in opals…Red!

Designing the Red Opal Ring

The most gratifying moment for any master jeweler is to work with rare and exotic gems as is the case with designing this fiery Red Opal Ring. Our jewelry designers chose a very traditional centuries’ old design to showcase this rare opal. With a gem of this quality and color the goal is to frame the gemstone and lend it the importance that it deserves.

This opal ring may seem simple, however it is created from a raw lump of platinum which was forged, rolled, and wrought into 67 individual shapes using tools guided by hand. The platinum elements where welded and soldered into position at temperatures exceeding 3200 degrees by master jewelers, and then the stones set expert diamond setters. It seemed only fitting that a stone of this significance be handmade in the spirit of old world craftsmanship.