Handmade Sapphire Ring

Created by master jewelers, this Handmade Sapphire Ring belongs to an elite class of jewelry. What separates this emerald cut sapphire ring from the mass produced jewelry of our time is how it was created. Using the same techniques as where used by old world craftsman who made jewelry for royalty, modern artisans fabricated this handmade sapphire and baguette ring using only tools guided by hand.

Working with 2.73 carat Emerald cut sapphire, our master jewelers customize this platinum mounting around the center gemstone.  Manually tooling each segment, the model maker forged 59 miniature parts from a raw bar of platinum. With extreme patience and rare skills every part carefully shaped to support the beautiful gems featured in this handmade ring. With precise attention to detail each prong and setting was meticulously welded under magnification using a jeweler’s torch. Master Jewelers polishing and finishing after every step to ensure that the quality of this Emerald cut sapphire ring would meet the highest standards.

Also forged from raw platinum, our jeweler’s fabricated the squared European shank that gracefully bridges upward to support the gemstones in our delicate handmade cluster.  Each gem precision set by our diamond setters to ensure that this handmade ring is is heirloom quality and can passed on for generations to come.