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Making jewelry can seem like a difficult task, and many people want to create a custom ring or custom necklace but don’t know the details of starting their own jewelry project. One of the many things we excel at is guiding you to create the jewelry of your dreams. Our experts make it easy, and you can see the process yourself in our local workshop and showroom. We can’t wait to help you on your Jewelry Designs’ journey today!

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Once you’re ready to begin your custom jewelry project, there are plenty of ways to contact one of our expert artisans to get things started. You’ll soon see how easy it is to customize your earring, ring, pendant, or custom bracelet. Changes, big or small, from a different precious metal to switching in your favorite gemstone, are all great examples of how you can customize your piece. In addition to designing jewelry, we specialize in custom engagement rings and custom wedding rings. For over 40 years, we’ve been connecting with people and creating exceptional customized jewelry designs through our jewelry making process. So let us help you get started today!

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Since 1980, we’ve been creating pieces, from simple to extravagant, for thousands of people across the country. We’ve also had the pleasure of working with organizations like the American Epilepsy Society and building fantastic works of art for the nationwide sensation of the Treasure’s Trove Jewelry Collection. Because of our longstanding track record, our customers are confident in our creative capabilities. As a Jewelry Designs client, you have no obligation until you are completely satisfied. Designing with Jewelry Designs guarantees 100% satisfaction. See the Jewelry Designs’ difference today!

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Our Design Process

How We Start Your Design

It all starts with your idea. When you walk through our doors with a dream for a custom engagement ring, we’re prepared to help make that dream a reality. You can explore our vast selection of engagement rings to find designs to customize or meet with one of our experts to begin working out the details of your piece. Once the design is complete, we’ll begin to create your ring into a 3-dimensional CAD design, then print it in a wax form to be prepared for casting.

Types of Design

About Metal Casting

Once your ring design is printed in wax, we can begin the casting process. The wax is placed in a liquid plaster, then heated to an extreme temperature. This does two things: hardens the plaster and melts the wax model. The impression left behind in the wax is filled with platinum or gold, which creates the rough cast for your piece. This cast is cut, cleaned, and prepared for the next step of creation - assembly and setting

Custom Design

Assembly and Setting Process

This step of the process is the part that everyone looks forward to most. Our master craftsmen turn on their torches and steady their hands to make sure that every detail is perfect. If necessary, your ring is assembled from the individual pieces in the cast. Once that’s done, it’s given to a stone setter who places all of the diamonds and any other stones into your design by hand. Setting is an incredibly precise art because each individual stone has a specific slot that it fits into. After this is complete, your piece moves into the final phase: polishing and inspection

Steps to Jewelry Designing

Final Polish and Inspection

Now that your piece is complete, we do one last pass with our polishing equipment. This is to ensure that after we’ve worked on it, your jewelry gets passed on to you at its brightest and most beautiful. Our expert artisans inspect every millimeter and every stone on your piece, and once we’re absolutely sure that it’s exactly perfect, we’re proud to pass your one of a kind piece on to you. All that’s left is for you to enjoy your work of art for a lifetime!

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