What Do Wedding Rings Symbolize?

Wedding rings, or wedding bands, have been used as a tradition of marriage for centuries – dating back to ancient civilizations such as the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. In these earlier times, the bands were more simplistic: typically made of solid iron, silver, or gold wedding rings. What began as religious wedding rings, these bands were used as a form of legal documentation of the marriage.

As the years progressed, vintage wedding rings became more ornate. In medieval Europe, rings took on more of a role in the union. They became a symbol of the groom’s commitment to provide for his bride and could be used as a form of dowry. Because of the growing significance, wedding rings in this time period began to feature more intricate designs and gemstones – specifically for nobility.

During the Renaissance, wedding rings became even more elaborate; from floral wedding rings to the use of precious metals and gems became commonplace for many people, and in this time period, bridal wedding ring sets began to be designed to match the bride’s engagement ring and were soon keepsakes and family heirlooms to be passed down through generations.

This brings us to the modern idea of a wedding ring. Still an important symbol that can hold a variety of meanings depending on who you ask, and where in the world you are. Here at Jewelry Designs, we know that the sentimental value of a wedding ring can mean the world to people: so we asked a few of our experts to share what they believe a wedding ring symbolizes to them, along with some advice when it comes to building or selecting your band.

Some people will choose an eternity wedding ring or pave wedding ring for dressing up and have something a little more simple for their day-to-day activity. Everybody’s got something they are concerned about. Because of this, they might get a very fancy diamond wedding ring as a dress piece – that’s what they want to show off. And then something that’s a little more subdued, like a fitted wedding ring, for their daily wear. Depending on what kind of job you have, or how often you work with your hands, may influence the kind of ladies’ or men’s wedding rings you will want to get, or how elaborate of a custom wedding band you want to design.

The beautiful thing about symbolism is that it is entirely subjective and based on one’s opinions and feelings – from infinity wedding rings to Celtic wedding rings or Christian wedding rings. For our experts who have worked for decades in the jewelry industry, their feelings about wedding bands have been formed from hearing the personal stories that come with each customer. A common theme they’ve learned is that a wedding band, no matter what it looks like, symbolizes the unity of the two people. A lifelong commitment and an outward sign to others that doubles as a reminder to yourself that you’ve taken a vow.

No matter what a ring means to you, we’re ready to help you create it and make your dream a reality. When it comes to customizations, there are no rights or wrongs; it really is a personal preference. What’s most important is that your design is exactly that: uniquely yours.

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