engagement rings

Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are available in nearly every jewelry store, so why are Jewelry Designs engagement rings so different? The answer is simple. Every diamond engagement ring sold by Jewelry Designs is expertly crafted by our master jewelers in our jewelry store in Danbury. Each diamond engagement ring is individually crafted, one ring at a time, to meet Jewelry Designs strict quality standards.

At Jewelry Designs we have been creating engagement rings in our one of a kind jewelry store in Connecticut since 1980. Thousands of satisfied engagement ring customers throughout New York and Connecticut are enjoying engagement rings that have been specially made for them in platinum, gold and fine diamonds.

Buying an engagement ring from Jewelry Designs is a unique experience. It starts by reviewing the extensive selection of diamond engagement rings in our diamond center.

The designer engagement rings on display range in style from traditional, to hand made and “one of a kind”. If you do not find the perfect engagement ring in our diamond center our jewelry designers will custom design an engagement with you on approval.

Once your engagement ring design is selected, together we will visit one of our diamond viewing rooms. This is where you can browse through loose diamonds that Jewelry Designs has imported. Our diamond consultants will review the 4 c’s with you, while you compare various diamond qualities in person to see what those differences look like in real life.

After selecting your diamond, our skilled artisans will create a diamond engagement ring just for you, as they have been creating custom engagement rings for over three decades. Of course you may find that you have fallen in love with one of the beautiful engagement rings in our show room, in which case we will size it while you wait.



Where should you buy jewelry? It might surprise you to know that you can buy jewelry from the very artisans that make it.

Jewelry Designs is more than a traditional jewelry store. In our jewelry shop we design and create most of the precious jewelry that you will see in our store. There is no other jewelry store quite like Jewelry Designs.

Our showroom is brimming with some of the most original jewelry available anywhere. From simple gold jewelry, to hand made jewelry in platinum it is all available in our unique jewelry store in western Connecticut.

The advantage of buying your jewelry from local artisans is that you can have it your way. Alterations to most of our fashion jewelry can be easily made by the very same jewelers who created it. All of the work is done on site in our Danbury CT jewelry store.

Once you have been spoiled by our designers you will be eager to have your jewelry selections modified to meet your specifications. In many cases, our clients are so excited about their jewelry options that we design custom jewelry totally unique to them.

Perhaps the greatest advantage to working directly with jewelers and artisans is that you can be sure of the quality of jewelry that you are purchasing. The consistent standards of quality that we have established ensure that the appropriate quality materials are used in your fine jewelry.

So visit our unique jewelry store to see our incredible selection of fashion jewelry. Gold jewelry made from yellow, white and rose gold in both 14k and 18k. View the areas largest selection of platinum jewelry. You can choose from necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets and earrings. You will find diamond jewelry and gemstone jewelry in every imaginable design, color and gem type. So visit our unique jewelry store to see our incredible selection of fashion jewelry. Gold jewelry made from yellow, white and rose gold in both 14k and 18k. View the areas largest selection of platinum jewelry. You can choose from necklaces, pendants , rings, bracelets and earrings. You will find diamond jewelry and gemstone jewelry in every imaginable design, color and gem type.

If for some reason you do not see your dream jewelry our artisans will design custom jewelry just for you.

wedding rings

Wedding Rings

There are very few material items in life that are more meaningful than your wedding rings. Your wedding rings are intended to be worn for a lifetime to symbolize never ending eternal love. That is why so many of our clients have chosen custom wedding rings from Jewelry Designs.

At Jewelry Designs we understand the importance of your wedding rings. After all, we create our designer wedding rings here in our jewelry shop. For over three decades our master jewelers have been making wedding rings from gold, platinum and diamonds for customers throughout the tri state area.

The experience of buying wedding rings at Jewelry Designs is unlike that of any other jewelry store. Upon entering our Connecticut jewelry store you will walk through our jewelry making shop towards our showroom. A glass corridor allows you to watch our jewelers while they create artisan wedding bands.

After viewing the process of making jewelry you will enter our elegant jewelry showroom and bridal jewelry center. There you will see a large selection of original wedding rings that have been created by the very same artisans in our entry. From traditional wedding bands, to elaborate diamond wedding rings you are sure to find the region’s most diverse selection of bridal rings.

Now the fun begins. Our bridal jewelers have capabilities that go beyond your wildest dreams. As you select your favorite wedding band styles from our collections you will undoubtedly see elements of design that you wish were different. Good for you- you should not have to settle. Our jewelry designers will tailor your wedding rings to meet your specific taste. After all, your wedding rings will be worn for the rest of your life, so they should be as original as you are.

jewelry repair shop

Jewelry Repair

Jewelry repair is an art form. Who is more qualified to repair your jewelry than the artists who design it? Like all other fields there are many different levels of talent. When it comes to jewelry repair jewelers are no different. Our jewelry repair specialists have hundreds of years of combined experience making and repairing jewelry. Jewelry Designs has been the regions trusted leader in jewelry repair since the 1980’s. Our jewelry consultants can diagnose and prescribe the necessary jewelry repairs to bring your heirloom jewelry back to life.

From sizing rings, to repairing settings our expert jewelers have the experience, knowledge and technology to perform any jewelry repair that can be done. Jewelry Designs master jewelers have been servicing fine gold, platinum and diamond jewelry in our jewelry repair shop in Danbury CT for over three decades. Our company was founded as a antique jewelry restoration company in 1980. Since that time we have performed every form of jewelry repair imaginable. From simple chain repairs and clasp replacements, to the restoration of exotic jewelry our jewelers have the experience. Everyday we do prong replacements and jewelry repair on antique platinum jewelry. All of our jewelry repair work is done with expert care on site. Our state of the art laser technology combined with our capabilities in old world jewelry repair techniques, enables us to work on your delicate jewelry confidently. If your fine jewelry is in need of restoration visit our jewelry repair shop in Danbury CT. See why we are known as the jewelry repair experts in Fairfield county.