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Whether you choose a Lab Created Diamond or Natural Diamonds, you can still have the diamond engagement ring of your dreams by the artisans of Jewelry Designs.

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What is the Difference Between Lab Grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds?

There’s no doubt that you’ve heard of Lab Grown diamonds, maybe you’ve even seen pages of information about the advantages or disadvantages of diamonds created in a lab when compared to diamonds mined from the earth. Lab created diamonds share similar beauty and brilliance to their natural counterparts. The biggest difference is one is created over millions of years and the other may have been born yesterday. No matter what you prefer, the diamond decision is entirely yours.

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Which is Better Lab Created Diamonds or Natural Diamonds?

You might be wondering which is better: natural diamonds, often called “real diamonds”, or diamonds grown in a lab? Both appear similar, yet their origin story is quite different. Natural diamonds have always been the primary choice for engagement due to their durability, rarity, and the fact that no two diamonds are alike. They have become a symbol of love and endurance. Because of people’s love for diamonds, it is no surprise that lab created diamonds have become popular over recent years with an indistinguishable makeup to the naked eye. Lab diamond engagement rings offer a big look for a lower cost; However, there is no limit to the number of lab diamonds man can make. Only natural diamonds, or mined diamonds, from the earth have proven to retain their value and consistently increase over time. The decision will likely come down to your personal sentiment behind a natural diamond paired with the desired diamond size and quality that works for your budget and lifestyle. Which is better? The choice is ultimately yours. if you would like to learn more you can read our blog “Which is Better Natural or Lab Created Diamonds?”

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Which is Better Lab Created Diamonds or Natural Diamonds

Choosing A Diamond Engagement Ring

Whether you choose a natural or lab grown diamond, you should never compromise on your ring. Our experienced craftsmen make exceptional diamond rings at Jewelry Designs to the highest quality standard, using gold, platinum, and fine diamond options. Visit our gallery to compare different looks and prices, and you’ll be confident that you’re getting the best diamond ring, whether it’s a natural or lab diamond you choose.

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