How To Select A Diamond

How To Select A Diamond

Before you can decide how to select a diamond, you must first decide how it will be used. Diamonds come in a vast array of qualities, shapes, and sizes. A person buying a diamond for investment reasons will have entirely different criteria than someone selecting diamonds for their engagement ring. Someone picking diamonds as accent stones will have yet another set of criteria entirely.

It’s important to know the different qualities of diamonds so that you can select your stone based on your personal preference and budget. Regardless of your goal, our team of experts has been trained to educate you on the fun and interesting diamond-buying process.

Diamonds For Investment

Diamonds for Investment

As with all investments, there are a few universal goals: most people want an investment that is safe, offers a good return, and is easy to liquidate if the need to sell arises.

Diamonds are beautiful and durable and become more valuable over time. They have nearly doubled in value per decade for the past 100 years, but they can be difficult to liquidate if you are not a diamond dealer, and it will not be easy for you to sell your loose diamonds quickly at market diamond pricing.

While perhaps not an ideal investment, diamonds are still one of the very few things in life that can be used and enjoyed daily without any maintenance, all the while appreciating in worth.

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Diamonds for Engagement

Probably the most popular association with the word “diamond” is “engagement rings“. For most men, the purchase of a diamond represents the most significant commitment he has made to a woman, both symbolically and financially. The mystique of the diamond is compounded by the commitment that it represents. There can be a lot of questions surrounding the purchase though; Is the stone large enough? Is the quality good enough? What do her girlfriends have? Will she like it? Can he afford it?

All of these questions and more can be answered in a way that will help you decide what diamond is best for you. While learning about diamonds, you may find it necessary to compromise on the size of your stone for increased quality – or vice versa. There are a massive amount of considerations to make when diamond buying, but a little knowledge goes a long way in helping prioritize the characteristics you value most in your diamond.

We all have different lifestyles and circumstances. For some, the sky is the limit. Most of us, however, need to exercise some constraints. You may find it necessary to settle for a little less in the size or in the quality of the stone, but a little knowledge can help you to separate the characteristics you are willing to forfeit in exchange for those she will love.

There are many beautiful diamonds that are bright white and brilliant but are not flawless. By educating yourself through research and speaking with a qualified jeweler, you can gain a better understanding of diamond clarity, diamond color, diamond cut, and diamond shape. The best thing that you can do is learn how to select a diamond that goes beyond the 4C’s and fits both your budget and lifestyle.

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Diamond Accents

Diamonds Accents

When using small diamonds to accent a center diamond, it is very important to use bright, near-colorless stones. All too often, diamond grading is ignored on diamond accents. While it is not necessary to see the grade of every little stone on a diamond chart, you should not ignore the importance of the secondary stones and diamond accents.

Well-cut, high-color diamonds can dramatize primary gemstones in jewelry. There are few things in jewelry more disappointing than seeing important gemstone jewelry surrounded by sub-standard diamonds. High-quality, secondary diamonds can make a piece of fine jewelry noteworthy.

If necessary, it is better to compromise a little bit of carat weight to attain the maximum brilliance.

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