Tourmaline Rings

The myriad of shades and colors exhibited in Tourmaline rings make them a collectable favorite among jewelry enthusiasts. Green Tourmaline rings range in tone from deep forest, to soft seafoam. Pink Tourmaline rings range from pastel peach to cherry red. Blue Tourmaline can span a spectrum from pale blue to the deep shades of indigo. The most exotic specimens include deep red Rubellite rings, dark blue Indicolite rings, and blue-green Paraiba Tourmaline rings. In some cases rare Tourmalines can even exhibit color change phenomena. In short, there is no end to the interesting Tourmaline ring possibilities.

Why Choose a Jewelry Designs Tourmaline Ring?

So you might ask yourself, why choose a Jewelry Designs Tourmaline Ring? For one thing, Tourmaline is available in a vast array of colors and shapes. For this, Tourmalines are not consistent enough to be used in commercial jewelry lines. Since our jewelers make each ring one at a time, we have the ability to stylize them around rare and unusual gems. You can choose from any of the Tourmaline rings that we have created in our showroom. If you prefer, you have the opportunity to select a gemstone from our loose stone collection. Our designers will work close with you to create a Tourmaline Ring that you will enjoy for a lifetime.