Promise Rings

The diversity of promise ring styles is as varied as the reasons for giving them. Ranging from simple gold bands to decorative diamond laden symbols, there seems to be no limit to their design. Traditional designs include gold promise rings with infinity patterns, heart promise rings, and moderate to small diamond promise rings with a featured stone. As you view our collection, note that the high quality array of Promise Ring varieties are all made in America by our artisans in Danbury, CT. If you have an idea of your own, or want to incorporate something symbolic from your relationship into the design, our jewelers will create a custom promise ring just for you.

The Meaning of Promise Rings

Always symbolic in their meaning, promise rings have risen to represent a steadfast expression of love and commitment. The significance of a promise ring can be as unique as the individuals who exchange them. Promise rings are typically given to express and fortify the strength of a relationship. They are often presented as a declaration of intentions. For some they symbolize a promise of fidelity, while others may proclaim future intent to engage or marry. There are no rules. The symbolism is unique to the couple and their relationship.