Opal Rings

With the most diverse palate of colors nature has to offer, it is no wonder that Opal rings are coveted by so many people. Bursting with every color in the rainbow, Opals remain the enchanting gem with no equal. From the deep shimmering harlequin pattern of prized Black Opal rings, to the glistening brilliance of translucent red Fire Opal rings, this gem has no rival.

The quest to find the perfect Opal ring can be exhilarating. Unlike other gemstones, the Opal has many faces. Choosing a favorite stone is very subjective. If you find one that you love it is a good idea to buy it, as you may never see one like it again.

Opal Rings by Jewelry Designs

One of the advantages in searching for Opal Rings at Jewelry Designs is our extensive selection. Our gemologists are passionate about each Opal. It is this passion combined with the skills of our master jewelers that has inspired our unparalleled selection. All made in America here in our shop, our gallery features opals from around the world, including Australian Opal rings, Black Opal and Boulder Opal rings. If you prefer, our artisans will work with you to design a Custom Opal Ring of your very own.