Gemstone Rings

One the most inspirational ways to enhance any wardrobe is to accumulate a collection of colorful gemstone rings. With all of the colors of the rainbow to choose from, you will have the ability to accessorize any ensemble. Visible to all whom you encounter, with each motion of the hand, you will set the tone for the day’s attire. The natural beauty of a gemstone ring will refresh any finery.

For deep reds, burgundy and rust colors, Ruby Rings and the various shades of Garnet Rings may provide you with the color you desire. Aquamarine Rings, Topaz Rings, and Sapphire Rings can provide you with every shade of blue imaginable. For green you can chose the lime coloring of Peridot Rings, the seafoam and blue green shades of Tourmaline Rings, or the forest green tones of Emerald Rings. Shades of lavender and purple are proudly displayed in Amethyst Rings, while violet with strong blue overtones are ablaze in Tanzanite Rings.

Many gemstones exhibit a broad spectrum of colors. As an example, Sapphire Rings are typically thought of as blue, yet they are available in every color of the rainbow except for red. In actuality, red sapphires are rubies. Other colored stones, like Tourmalines and Topaz, come in a kaleidoscope of vibrant tones. Some gems exhibit a variety of colors within a single stone. The fiery play of light seen in Opal Rings can rival the palate of any artist.

Phenomenal stones like the Alexanderite can shift in color when viewed in lighting with varying degrees of ultraviolet rays. Some gems exhibit an iridescent chatoyancy, much like flashing cat’s eyes as they shift in the light. Glistening asterisks can be seen dancing in the center of Ruby or Star Sapphire Rings. The endless possibilities make shopping for gemstone rings an adventure.

Birthstone Rings

Sooner or later most people will entertain the idea of owning a Birthstone Ring. Although most rings are chosen for favorite color, birthstone rings are sought for both beauty and symbolism. Birthstones can be used as accents on rings to represent family members. They can also be displayed prominently as the featured gem. Both men’s and women’s birthstone rings are used to celebrate life’s occasions. They are often given to sons and daughters at graduations. They are presented at sweet 16’s, birthdays, and other symbolic milestones. Gems symbolizing birth months are a common theme in family jewelry and Mother’s Rings.

Gemstone Rings by Jewelry Designs

Whatever your desire, you are sure to be impressed by the gemstone rings by Jewelry Designs. The diversity of the jewels in our collection is unlike those you will see in traditional jewelry stores. Our precious and semi-precious stone rings are created by master jewelers in our Connecticut shop. Since each ring is made one at a time, we can select from choice gems not traditionally available to mass markets. In our gallery you can see our complete selection of gemstone rings, ranging from traditional colored stones, to rare and exotic gems. If you prefer, you can select a stone from our collection and we will custom design the gemstone ring of your dreams.