Golden Sapphire Ring

Traditional in design from the top, our golden sapphire ring is full of surprises when viewed from any angle. Created by our master jewelers using only tools that are guided by hand, this handmade ring is a rare masterpiece. The classic cluster at the top of the ring is supported by intricate platinum wires and bezels that are secretly revealed when the ring is tilted.

Wrought from raw 18kt yellow gold and platinum, the shank and wire components where rolled, drawn, and shaped by hand prior to soldering and welding them into position. Using old world techniques, the custom mounting is created, polished, and set by our skilled setters. Featuring a 5.72ct golden sapphire, surrounded by 1.43cts of fine white diamonds, this ring is a rare example of fine handmade jewelry. Elite gemstone rings like this can be created specifically for you using the gemstones of your choice.

*Unique Gemstone

*Sold-call to design a similar item

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