Sapphire Jewelry

Recognized as a symbol of nobility, Sapphire is known for romance and divine attraction. First discovered in the late 1800s, the sapphire was quickly adopted as a crown jewel of royalty, luxury, and wealth. Royals wore this jewel to protect themselves from envy and harm. It was believed that the gem promoted peace among enemies. Religious members and clergy believed the sky-blue color reflected heaven, attracting divine favor and blessings. In modern history, the Lady Di Ring has become a notable symbol of love. Admired for truth and sincerity, sapphire rings are an obvious candidate as an engagement gift. Known as September’s birthstone, this gem is also gifted to commemorate the 5th and 45th anniversary.

Blue sapphires are most abundant in nature; however, they are attainable in a rainbow of colors, offering something for every gemstone enthusiast. Vibrant colors include green, yellow, orange, purple, and pink. These non-blue gems are classified as fancy colors. Vivid tones are the most prized and highly sought after. Unique hues like the orange-pink exhibited in Padparadscha sapphire are coveted, placing them among the rarest and most valuable. As with most precious gems, carat weight, color, and cut influence the value. Status as a heated or natural, along with the place of origin, significantly impacts the worth of this magnificent jewel.

The sapphire is one of only four “precious gemstones” notable for their quality, rarity, and beauty. With toughness and no cleavage, this gem does not chip or scratch easily. This durable jewel comes from the mineral corundum, ranking 9 out of 10 in hardness. Second, only to diamond in hardness, this precious stone provides the ultimate in durability and beauty for fine jewelry. Renowned as one of mother nature’s rarest gems, the undeniable beauty of this diverse jewel positions it as one of the world’s most coveted precious stones.

With such a rare color array and resilience, it is not surprising sapphires are so desired. Many are charmed by the vivid hues, while others appeal to a symbolic history of sincerity, love, and divinity. Whatever the attraction, you can be sure the intriguing variety and allure of sapphire jewelry are here to stay.