Emerald Jewelry

Beloved as the gemstone of spring, emerald evokes rebirth and renewal. Appropriately named May’s birthstone, this gem is gifted for 20th and 30th Anniversaries. The rare and vibrant green stone is sacred for its insightful, calming, and healing protective properties. Emerald gemstones have remained a valuable relic over the centuries.

Discovered in Egypt around 330 BC, emerald was one of the first unearthed “precious stones,” renowned for their quality, rarity, and beauty. Historically celebrated by rulers like Cleopatra, emerald jewelry has long adorned royalty throughout antiquity. Emeralds were believed to show the future, reveal the truth, and protect from evil and disease. This stone was said to have been gifted by God himself to King Solomon, bestowing power over all creation. Its glowing soft green tones were applied to restore the eyes, relieve stress, and comfort the soul. 

Emerald is a variety of the Beryl mineral, related to the aquamarine and less expensive “green beryl” variation. This gems color saturation must be distinct enough to be considered “emerald.” Reminiscent of lush landscapes and rich gardens, true emerald-green is more vibrant than any other green gem found in nature.

Columbia is the leading source of gem-quality emeralds mined over the last few centuries. Since it is common for emeralds to have fractures in nature, treatment is standard practice to enhance color, clarity, and durability. Natural emerald inclusions are referred to as gardens, each displaying its own set of distinct birthmarks. Given its unique characteristics, color and clarity largely determine value. Wear this delicate gem with caution, as its internal characteristics make it vulnerable to chipping.

Rare and beautifully distinct, precious emeralds are something to be desired. Whether you are drawn to the cleansing glow or renewing benefits, this is an exquisite stone. No matter the appeal, this rich and vibrant gem is unlike any other you will find in nature.