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When selecting gifts as important as diamond rings, you’ll be happy to know that you can work directly with expert designers. At Jewelry Designs, our artisans create each diamond ring in our workshop, one at a time. Our team of prominent artisans work hard to create premier, cutting-edge designs, with workmanship that rivals the spirit of classic craftmanship. The work of our designers is showcased in a wide variety of styles ranging from decorative Halo Diamond Rings, to popular Hidden Halo Diamond Rings, and traditional Solitaire Diamond Ring styles. You can even find Three Stone Diamond Rings set with a trio of stones.

If you’re tired of mass-produced styles, we can help you to find refreshing alternatives in our designer collection. From original new releases to traditional designs with a personalized twist, like Infinity Diamond Rings, the works of our master jewelers will inspire you.

Both online and in our showroom, you will see original styles unlike any other. Our collection of Unique Diamond Rings is only available through Jewelry Designs. Unique in design, many of these diamond rings borrow techniques from old world artisans. The extreme attention to detail and quality of workmanship are reminiscent of Vintage Diamond Rings from the bygone eras of our past.

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Diamond Ring Shapes

Round Diamond Rings

While contemplating styles, you need to consider the shape of your diamond; the favorite of most is round. There seems to be no question that round diamond rings are the benchmark by which all others are measured. Perhaps this is because the round brilliant cut diamond is unsurpassed in fire and brilliance. If you’re not fascinated by other shapes, your decision should be easy; round is a great way to go. If you’re not as inspired by round diamonds, you will without a doubt be intrigued by the wide variety of shapes available out there. Such fancy shape diamonds can provide dramatic alternatives to that of more traditional round stones.

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Oval Diamond Rings

Maybe you prefer to maintain the soft feel of a round, but with a unique flair. Then consider the graceful elongated profile of oval diamond rings. The oval diamond works perfectly in most traditional settings. The extra bit of length adds a touch of elegance that separates it from other ring styles.

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Cushion Cut Diamond Rings

Similarly if you favor rounded edges you may prefer the soft pillow shape of cushion cut diamond rings, with subtle billowing corners adored for their full body and brilliance.

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Princess Cut Diamond Rings

For those not keen on soft, round edges, the search can broaden to include square and angular styles. The most popular are princess cut diamond rings. Princess cut rings feature a beautiful square diamond that radiates strong brilliance and provides dramatic contrast with surrounding accent stones.

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Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

If you are searching for a slightly more conservative square shape, emerald cut diamond rings offer a distinct style. Many women are enamored by the elegance of emerald cut rings, as they possess the subtle inner glow of a prism reflecting in sunlight.

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Pear Shape Diamond Rings

For those desiring a diamond that accentuates the length of the finger, pear shape diamond rings are beautiful, with an elongated tear drop shape.

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Marquise Diamond Rings

For an even more dramatic span along the finger, no diamond can over-exceed the length than that of marquise diamond rings.

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Why Buy Your Diamond Ring With Us?

Your diamond ring should be more than something you just add to cart. At Jewelry Designs, we think your diamond ring should be built to last and passed on for generations. Since 1980, our team of master artisans have specialized in everything, from platinum to Rose Gold Diamond Rings and more, crafted to the highest quality standards. If you do not find a look that you love in our collection, our artisans will proudly create original Custom Diamond Rings just for you. From selecting your loose diamond center stone to the setting that secures it in place, our customers come back because they trust our craftsmanship. We make your diamond rings based on your approval, and we aren’t satisfied until you are.

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