Rings may very well be the most desired jewelry item a woman can wear, from the mystical rings in lore, to rings worn by kings, queens, and popes. Such rings, as wedding rings, are also worn as a symbol of commitment. They are given in proposal, as engagement rings, and in early relationships, as promise rings. It is no wonder that at some point in our lives our thoughts are bound to be consumed by giving or receiving a ring as a gift.

With all of the emotions tied to the meaning of rings we must remember why they became the most significant jewelry item today. Ladies gold rings are prominent and easily noticed when a woman’s hands are in motion. Unlike necklaces and earrings, rings can be viewed by the person wearing them without the use of a mirror. A woman’s rings are especially significant, since they are always in clear view of both the wearer and the admirer.

At Jewelry Designs you will find a wide variety of designer rings in gold, platinum, diamonds and gemstones. Our diverse selection of rings comes from the fact that we have been making gold rings for women in our one of a kind jewelry store in Danbury CT since 1980. Our designer rings for women are made to strict quality standards; standards established by our master jewelers and maintained for over 30 years.

In our showroom you will find an elegant collection of high fashion rings, in addition to more traditional rings, all made in gold, white gold, and platinum by the artisans at Jewelry Designs. From mother’s rings to gemstone rings, from contemporary rings to vintage rings, you will enjoy our selection.

If you are not able to find the perfect ring of your dreams we will custom design a ring just for you. We specialize in custom jewelry so our ring designers will create the ring you desire on approval. Whether you are looking for a ring as a gift, or you buying a ring for yourself, you should make it a point to visit Jewelry Designs in Western Connecticut just over the New York line.

Sapphire Rings

Sapphire Rings

Sapphire rings are the most popular of all of the gemstone rings. There are few jewelry items more appealing than the contrasting cobalt blue color of sapphires, against brilliant white diamonds in sapphire and diamond rings. The sapphire diamond ring is the most sought after colored stone ring in jewelry stores today. The popularity of the color blue, combined with the brilliance of this durable gem, make the sapphire ring a prized possession for those who own one.

Most of us are aware of the blue sapphire ring, however, how many of us are aware of colored sapphire rings? Sapphire rings come in all colors of the rainbow. Have you ever seen a pink sapphire ring, or a gold sapphire ring? How about a star sapphire ring with a brilliant star in the center. There are so many varieties of sapphires that the options for sapphire ring designs seem endless. With all of the sapphire’s colors and shapes it is no wonder that sapphire rings are as popular as they are.

At Jewelry Designs we have been designing sapphire rings in our Danbury Jewelry store for over three decades. Whether you are looking for a sapphire gold ring, a white gold sapphire ring, or platinum sapphire diamond rings you will find them at our jewelry gallery in Danbury. Jewelry Designs has a large selection of high quality sapphire ring designs made here by our very own artisans. Our extensive designer ring collection includes rare sapphires in premier gem colors, as well as traditional sapphire rings that can be worn everyday. While you are visiting you can try on a pink sapphire diamond ring, or maybe even a star sapphire ring to discover something new.

We also have a collection of loose sapphires in our vault for you to choose from. You can select the sapphire you like and have a custom sapphire ring created just for you. Choose from 14k, 18k, or even from rose gold. Whether you prefer a white gold sapphire ring, a gold sapphire ring, or a platinum sapphire ring, our artisans will create the design to your specifications on approval.

Whatever your preference, you will find sapphire and diamond rings that will excite your senses in our elegant jewelry showroom.

Emerald Rings

Emerald Rings

Everyone is familiar with emerald rings. We envision beautiful green gemstones surrounded by diamonds in a magnificent emerald and diamond ring. Emerald rings are the dream of anyone seeking a green gemstone. For those who set out on a quest to find an emerald ring they soon learn that this precious green gem is graded in a class of its own. As it turns out, the featured gem in the emerald ring is one of the most misunderstood stones used in fine jewelry.

The phrase “It’s not easy being green” can easily be applied to emeralds. Emeralds are characteristically flawed in nature. The flaws are typically prevalent to the extents that are visible; these flaws have been referred to as gardens. Many historic, famous, and valuable emerald and diamond rings contain visible flaws to the naked eye. Emeralds are the one stone in most fine jewelry stores that are treated with oils, or filler materials, to help stabilize and enhance their beauty. Emeralds without enhancements are considered “natural emeralds“, and they are and seldom acceptable in appearance for fine jewelry use. In rare instances, nature will produce a stone that is suitable to make a natural emerald ring.

Along with the internal characteristics in an emerald ring the colors can vary dramatically. The color and origins of emeralds can contribute to their rarity and to the appearance of your emerald ring. Colors can range from yellow green, to a glowing blue green seen in Columbian emerald rings. In less valuable emerald rings the stones will be opaque with inclusions in lighter colors. In the finest of gem grade emerald rings the stones will be bright and clear. The gem will be saturated with color and glisten in the light.

Once we understand the traits of this gem we can view the emerald ring for its mystical beauty. Gem grade emerald rings are available at Jewelry Designs in Danbury CT. It does not matter if you are looking for a white gold emerald ring or a yellow gold emerald ring, as you will find a great selection of both in our showroom by the artisans at Jewelry Designs. From the classic emerald cut emerald ring, featuring a solitaire stone, to elaborate emerald and diamond rings, worn by royalty, you will find them here in our gallery. Each emerald ring design is crafted one at a time by our by our master jewelers in our shop, so you are assured the highest quality.


Gold Rings

Gold rings are made each and everyday in our one of a kind jewelry store in Danbury CT. Our expert jewelers have been making gold rings on location for over three decades for customers throughout Fairfield County CT, in addition to Westchester and Putnam Counties in NY.

Since we make gold rings everyday on location you can have the gold ring of your choice in any color precious metal. If you like white gold rings, we can make the style you prefer in 18k white gold, or as a 14k white gold ring. Likewise, if the styles you are drawn to in our showroom are displayed in white, but you prefer yellow, we can make the very same design you see into a yellow gold ring. 14k gold rings and 18k gold rings can be made in colors other than traditional yellow and white. Rose gold, for example, is created by combining pink gold and green gold rings for rich bronze tones.

Over the past decade, trends in jewelry have transitioned from yellow to white in popularity. Today people are wearing both white and yellow gold rings, and many are looking to integrate both colors into their jewelry wardrobe.

Throughout this period, the two tone ring has become very popular. Two tone rings include the marriage of yellow gold and white gold to give representation of both metals. Two tone rings are ideal for integrating your yellow and white gold jewelry, so that they may be worn together.

Along with more traditional 14k and 18k gold rings, we also make rings in higher karat gold. Many of the designer rings in our showroom are crafted as platinum and 18karat gold rings, as well as platinum and 24k gold ring designs. Upon request our craftsmen can make most jewelry in the karat gold of your choice.

Next time you are looking at jewelry, remember, you can always broaden your horizons. At Jewelry Designs, you can buy your next gold ring in any karat or color combination you can dream of directly from the jewelers creating it.

Platinum Rings
Platinum Rings

There is no metal used in jewelry more prized than platinum. Platinum rings are the benchmark for fine jewelry. Along with the natural beauty of glistening platinum, comes its extreme durability. Though soft, platinum rings are durable due to the malleability of platinum. The use of platinum in rings provides insurance against the metal fatigue that plagues other precious metal jewelry. Since rings tend to get a lot of wear and tear, platinum is the metal of choice for securing precious gemstones in rings.

In most jewelry stores your choice of platinum rings are limited, but at Jewelry Designs we make platinum rings. As your jeweler, you will never be limited to the selection of platinum ring designs that you have to choose from. In addition to our large selection of platinum ring designs on hand, keep in mind that nearly every ring in our showroom is available for make in precious platinum. From platinum settings with gemstones, to platinum fashion rings, you will see them all on display in our gallery.

Working with platinum is an art. Platinum melts at extremely high temperatures, nearly double the temperature of gold. Only elite master jewelers are capable of creating handmade platinum rings from this dense precious metal. We are proud to say that the platinum rings and jewelry you will see in our showroom is the work of masters. At Jewelry Designs we make platinum jewelry everyday. For over 30 years our expert jewelers have been making platinum ring designs on location. To see our platinum ring collection visit our one of a kind jewelry store in Danbury CT, just over the New York line in Western Connecticut.

Ruby Rings
Ruby Rings

If red is your favorite color then you are bound to love ruby rings. Ruby rings are regarded by most as the most valuable of all of the precious stone rings. The ruby gemstone is corundum, which is essentially the same as the sapphire. As a matter of fact, rubies are red sapphires. The value of high grade ruby rings, large Burmese ruby rings in particular, surpass that of all other colored gemstones.

Along with the brilliance and vibrant red color of rubies comes its durability. The featured gem in a ruby ring is second in durability to the diamond, making the ruby an excellent jewelry item to be passed on for generations. The value of a ruby ring is determined by the brilliance of the ruby, combined with the color and tone of the gem. Intense red ruby rings, with strong brilliance, will be more valuable than opaque red rubies, or stones that are tinted pink or purple. Natural ruby rings that exhibit deep red color, brilliance, and high clarity, without the traditional heat treatments performed at the mines, trade at a substantially higher cost than those used in traditional fine jewelry.

At Jewelry Designs we have a wide variety of ruby rings and ruby jewelry for you to choose from, including prized Burmese ruby rings. You will see gold ruby rings, white gold ruby rings, 18k gold ruby rings, and ruby rings in platinum.

If after viewing all of the ruby rings by the artisans of Jewelry Designs you do not find the ring of your dreams, we will make one for you. You can choose from the collection of loose rubies from our vault. After selecting your favorite gem we will make a custom ruby ring just for you.

Gemstone Rings
Gemstone Rings

Jewelry Designs gemstone rings are like no other rings you have seen. How is it possible that we can claim this? It is simple. We make rings here in our shop. As a matter of fact, many of the gemstone rings that you will see in our jewelry store are handmade or one of a kind rings. As you browse our showroom you will see gemstone ring designs in nearly every color. From 14k gold gemstone rings, to 18k white gold gemstone rings and platinum gemstone rings, our jewelry gallery is beaming with them.

How about opal rings. Have you always dreamed of owning an opal ring with fiery red, blue, green, and orange flashes? Maybe you prefer the free form shape of the boulder opal ring in an original design in gold or white gold. Perhaps you are enchanted by the rare black opal rings that our artisans have created here in jewelry shop. Whatever your preference in opal rings, you are bound to find it within our collection; or choose from our extensive collection of loose opals and we will design an opal ring just for you.

If you are a true colored stone enthusiast, then you already know what kinds of vibrant colors tourmaline rings are available in. From the deep burgundy red tourmaline comes the prized rubellite ring. Rubellite rings are available in all shapes and sizes, and they provide a beautiful alternative red stone option.

The pink tourmaline ring is the brilliant cousin to the rubellite. Fully saturated pink tourmaline rings can rival the pink sapphire in appearance. Pink tourmaline rings provides a more lively pink option for those who truly love pink.

Green tourmaline rings come in a wide variety of shades. A green tourmaline ring can be colored soft sea foam green, whereas another green tourmaline ring can exhibit more olive tones, or even a dark forest green hue. The brilliant dark teal colors of green tourmaline rings can rival the beauty of nearly any green gemstone.

Blue tourmaline rings, or indicolite rings, are the premier deep blue tourmaline of choice for tourmaline lovers. The blue tourmaline is a truly beautiful vibrant stone, and many gemstone enthusiasts would love to add a blue tourmaline ring to their wardrobe.

Let us not forget the rarest of tourmalines, found in Paraiba tourmaline rings. The Paraiba tourmaline ring is prized for possessing almost a neon electric blue color. Originally named after the Paraiba mine in Brazil, the Paraiba tourmaline is the most sought after tourmaline. Owning a Paraiba tourmaline ring is a lifelong dream for most avid gem collectors.

Tanzanite rings are a favorite, especially for those who have seen a true gem grade tanzanite. Traditional tanzanite rings are pale blue purple and periwinkle colors, while tanzanite rings of high gem grade are brilliant and saturated with deep blue and purple colors.

The countless types of different mineral rings and gemstone rings are too numerous to mention. Still, Jewelry Designs has had the freedom of working with a wide variety of exotic gemstones, as we have been making our gem rings one at a time for over 30 years. We make one of a kind ring’s with quality gem materials, ranging from fossilized gemstones to meteorites. The only way to truly appreciate the extent of our colored stone ring selection is to visit them in person at our unique ring gallery in Danbury CT, located in South Western Connecticut just over the New York line.

Birthstone Rings
Birthstone Rings

For many people the thought of gemstone rings translates into birthstone rings. Birthstone rings are often used by people desiring the birthstone of their month. These rings are available in our showroom as yellow gold birthstone rings, white gold birthstone rings, or as platinum birthstone rings. They are available with diamond accents, or as solitaire birthstone rings, in nearly any gemstone imaginable.

January Birthstone

For the month of January, you have your choice of Garnet. The garnet ring is available in a variety of shades and garnet types, from rhodolite garnet rings, to spessartite garnet rings you will find them in our showroom.

February Birthstone Rings

Do you like purple? If you are a February baby your birthstone ring is Amethyst. You will see amethyst ring designs with brilliant saturated deep purple amethyst. Our amethyst rings are available as gold amethyst rings and white gold amethyst rings. Amethyst and diamond rings are also available, and they can be created in any color gold like.

March Birthstone Rings

For the month of March, the soft blue aqua color of Aquamarine is it, and you are sure to love the rich tones of Jewelry Designs aquamarine ring selection. The aquamarines used in our aquamarine rings are rich and saturated with color. You will see simple aquamarine ring designs in both white and yellow. You may even see one of a kind handmade platinum aquamarine rings with the prized deep blue Santa Maria aqua.

April Birthstone Rings

April babies are arguably the luckiest, as their birthstone is the Diamond. Visit Diamond Rings where you will find a whole section dedicated to the stone of every woman’s dreams.

May Birthstone Rings

The Emerald is yet another prized birthstone to have. Visit our Emerald Rings, and let us tell you what makes each emerald so uniquely special.

June Birthstone Rings

As for people born in June there are two traditional choices, Pearl and Alexandrite. As we have already become familiar with Pearl Rings, let us discuss the elusive alexandrite ring. Alexandrites are a rare gemstone exhibiting a phenomenon, known as color change, whereby the stone shifts in color depending on the type of light it is seen in. Alexandrite rings are prized, as they are among the rarest of gems. If you are a June baby, and you are fortunate enough to acquire an alexandrite ring, then you are in for a treat.

July Birthstone Rings

Birthstone rings for July are set with the Ruby. Visit Ruby Rings and discover why rings set with rubies are so admired.

August Birthstone Rings

August’s birthstone ring uses Peridot. A Peridot ring is typically golden green to lime green in color. Peridot rings are fresh and vibrant in color, and consequently peridots look great set in both yellow and white gold.

September Birthstone Rings

The Birthstone ring for September is set with the Sapphire. Find out what makes the sapphire ring the most popular gemstone ring today. Visit Sapphire Rings, and discover variety of sapphire colors you never knew existed.

October Birthstone Rings

October means Opal is the birthstone of choice. Have you always dreamed of owning an opal ring with fiery red, blue, green, and orange flashes? Maybe you prefer the free form shape of the boulder opal ring in an original design in gold or white gold. Perhaps you are enchanted by the rare black opal rings that our artisans have created here in jewelry shop. Whatever your preference in opal rings, you are bound to find it within our collection, or choose from our extensive collection of loose opals and we will design an opal ring just for you.

November Birthstone Rings

Traditional Imperial Topaz rings, in golden and peach colors, are the accepted standard for November birthstone enthusiast. Still, many people choose Citrine rings as an alternative to topaz rings. Citrine rings are golden to golden orange in color, and the citrine provides an affordable alternative to an imperial topaz ring.

December Birthstone Rings

This brings us to the last month of the year, with fiery Blue Zircon rings as the traditional favorite. In recent years, many people have been substituting the blue zircon ring with a blue topaz ring, because the blue zircon his hard to come by in larger sizes. The blue zircon is a fiery bright blue stone, with a steel blue color distinctly different than that of other blue gems.