How to Design an Engagement Ring

By Robert Underhill

If you are like most people who "design an engagement ring" you probably think that the process is more difficult than it actually is. Most people assume that you have to be an artist or a jewelry enthusiast to design your own engagement ring. Nothing could be further from the truth. People just like you have been successfully designing engagement rings for decades at Jewelry Designs.

Designing-Engagement-RingsWe are so confident about designing your engagement ring that all of the custom engagement rings made at jewelry designs are created on approval with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. You have no obligation to buy your engagement ring unless you are completely satisfied with your diamond ring design when we finish crafting it.

So how do we do it? It is actually quite simple. Our expert Jewelers have been custom designing engagement rings since 1980. These skilled engagement ring designers know how to interpret your personal style and help you to visualize your custom diamond engagement ring through a simple process; first they review our vast collection of engagement rings in our collection. Then they will point out the various types of stone setting and elements of design to help you identify patterns and features that appeal to you. As you view modern and antique Engagement-ring-designersengagement ring designs and handle hundreds of beautiful engagement rings up close you will soon realize the design elements you dislike and can focus on those design elements you gravitate towards.  In a short time you will be able to categorize engagement ring designs by genre, and you will understand the characteristics that you most desire.

This simple process of elimination with a jewelry designer reduces most of the confusion of designing your own diamond ring. By reviewing models of custom engagement rings along with loose diamonds you will soon understand the characteristics that most appeal to you in a custom engagement ring.

Design Your Own Engagement Ring

Jewelry-designing-stepsDuring the design process most people are fascinated to find that they quickly establish strong opinions about the styling of engagement rings. The repetition of viewing multiple engagement designs with our designers reinforces their convictions and instills confidence in their selection. In the end, most customers simply find that they knew what they liked all along. They just never had the opportunity to organize their thoughts with enough valid examples to be confident in their ability to design a diamond ring.

Custom making your engagement ring will be very rewarding. When you design your own engagement ring it will be worn for a lifetime and passed on from generation to generation. When people marvel at your engagement ring and ask about it you will proudly respond “I designed my engagement ring myself”. The best part is that once you have experienced the successful process of designing your own engagement ring you be inspired to custom design jewelry for every occasion. You will soon be going through the same jewelry designing steps on your own to custom design your own wedding bands.


Engagement Ring Design

Custom-engagementOnce you have selected your engagement ring design our jewelry designers will choreograph the creation of your custom engagement ring. The designer will then select and grade secondary diamonds to be set alongside of the diamond you have chosen. When we create your engagement ring all of the precious stones and metals will be chosen to relate to your engagement ring design and the center diamond you have chosen. Our project specialists will assign a team of jewelers to your engagement ring. They will coordinate the various stages of creating your engagement ring to artisans most skilled at crafting to the specifications established while designing your engagement ring with you. The jewelry artisans on the team will be selected by their specific talents at jewelry designing, model making, diamond setting, and finishing. Assembling the proper team of master jewelers will ensure that your custom engagement ring meets the highest standards.

Customized Engagement Rings

Carving-engagement-ringsThe first step in crafting customized engagement rings is to create a model. One type of model used for making custom engagement rings is made from raw platinum or gold using only tools that are manually controlled. This process qualifies the rings as handmade engagement rings. The most common model used to design your engagement ring is wax carving. The hard jewelry making wax used for designing engagement rings is sculpted into engagement ring designs established by you when you work with our jewelry designers. Jewelers wax is relatively easy to carve allowing the jewelry artisan more flexibility than solid precious metals when designing your engagement ring. Once the wax model of your diamond ring design is complete it will be inspected for accuracy and encased in a plaster mold with other rings. The wax models of these customized engagement rings will then be burned from the plaster mold for eight hours at 1300 F. Once the wax has been incinerated the mold will have a hollow impression of your engagement ring designs.

Casting-engagement-ringsThe plaster mold of the custom engagement rings will be removed from the furnace and placed into a cradle on a centrifuge to cast. A jeweler will then load a crucible with gold or platinum and heat it to a molten state. The melting of yellow gold and white gold is typically done by torch. Platinum melting is done in a high-frequency, high-tech centrifuge due to its extreme high melting point. Once the gold or platinum reaches a molten state the centrifuge is activated and slings the precious metal into the mold to fill the cavity vacated by customized wax engagement rings. This process is known as the lost wax casting. The mold is then broken away from the customized engagement rings leaving behind the rough, unfinished, precious metal casting.

Engagement Settings

Engagement-settingsThe unfinished engagement settings that are removed from the plaster mold appear rustic with scorched surfaces from the heating of the metal. The engagement settings must now be filed, ground, and sanded for jewelry finishing in preparation for polishing. These custom diamond engagement rings will then be individually polished by hand before they go to our jewelers who will bring them to life.

At this stage Jewelry Designs skilled jewelry artisans will shape and form each of the customized engagement rings at a jeweler’s bench. Each piece is tooled with files, gravers, and intricate jewelers’ tools to add detail and design to each engagement ring. Torches and lasers will be used to add prongs and position detailed ornamental designs in place on each custom engagement ring.

Engagement Ring Designers


As many as six expert jewelers from our staff may be involved in creating your engagement ring. Each of these jewelry experts have dedicated years to mastering their specialties in jewelry model making, CAD jewelry designing, wax carving, gold casting, platinum casting, precious metal finishing, torch fabrication, jewelry assembly, diamond setting, and Jewelry polishing. Overall the Jewelry Designs staff has over 300 years of combined experience making custom engagement rings and fine jewelry.

  1. Wax model makers create your engagement ring design in wax through CAD or by carving custom engagement ring waxes by hand.

  2. Jewelry technicians will prepare the engagement ring models and embed them in plaster.

  3. Jewelry casters cast alloys, precious metals, platinum, and gold to transform customized engagement rings into precious metal.

  4. Jewelry polishers specializing in finishing precious metals will then prepare your custom engagement rings for goldsmiths to work on.

  5. Bench jewelers and model makers work with a jewelers’ torch and lasers completing the marriage of precious metals in your engagement ring design.

  6. Diamond setters set diamonds using specialized stone setting techniques needed to complete your engagement ring design.

The jewelry designers working on your custom engagement ring have one primary focus: to create the perfect engagement ring for you. At Jewelry Designs there is no such thing as unsatisfactory, because we want to remain your jeweler for life.

Select a Diamond

GIA-lab-reportWhen you design your own engagement ring at Jewelry Designs you will also have the opportunity to select a diamond. First you should know a little about our selection of loose diamonds. Our diamond buyers use strict criteria to ensure that all of our diamonds qualify to be sold in Jewelry Designs diamond engagement rings. While diamond buying we use many sources including our own overseas office in one of the world’s primary diamond trading centers. There we talk to diamond cutters and dealers from around the globe. We accept only the diamonds that meet our rigid standards for color, cut, and clarity. Because of this process your custom engagement ring will be set with a premier diamond at the most competitive value possible.

There is more to buying a diamond than a GIA lab report. For those who challenge this notion they need only look at diamond pricing online. If all GIA certified stones are equal then why is it that 5 different diamonds with the same stones and identical GIA grading differ so much in value on the same price sheet?

Our diamond buyers look for more than a GIA certificate for clarity, cut, and color. In addition to the GIA report we have our own criteria for tolerable types of flaws and inclusion as well as acceptable locations of inclusions within each grade classification. By having access to large quantities of certified diamonds in our off-shore diamond trading office we can select choice diamonds within their grade class.


In short, before you ever get the chance to select a diamond at Jewelry Designs we have already done some of the work for you.

loose-diamondsDesign an Engagement Ring from Loose Diamonds

If you custom design an engagement ring you will need to select a diamond worthy of your custom ring. This is one of the most exciting parts in designing your own engagement ring. Our diamond consultants will help you to decide what grade diamond to select. They will explain the characteristics of diamonds by viewing loose diamonds in our collection with you. You can compare the cut, color, and clarity of various diamonds. Custom-engagement-ringsThrough this process you can determine the attributes that have the most impact on your eye. You can then weigh the costs of different elements of quality to the visual impact they have on your new custom engagement ring.

Selecting diamonds for engagement rings with a qualified diamond consultant can be a valuable experience. You will see and understand the quality elements in diamonds so you can decide on the diamond characteristics and how they will benefit you most. You can even look at and select the secondary diamonds for your new customized engagement ring. There is no substitute for seeing a diamond in person.


Custom Engagement Rings

When you design custom engagement rings at Jewelry Designs you will work with expert jewelry consultants who will help you interpret the design elements that most appeal to you. You will then choose a diamond from a large selection of loose diamonds to determine the best qualities for your budget and taste. A team of world class jewelry designers will then create the ring of your dreams for you to view on approval. After you are 100% satisfied with your customized engagement ring you can have it as your very own. Wear your ring for a lifetime of jewelry cleaning and inspection and enjoy all of Jewelry Designs service benefits.