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Cabochon Garnet Necklace

NC714-1 Cabochon Garnet Necklace

Handmade by our master jewelers, this beautiful Cabochon Garnet Necklace is featured in white gold with diamond accents. Measuring nearly an inch in length this 25.2 ct. Garnet is also the birthstone for January. The translucent red tones of our garnet pendant seem to radiate warmth on the neckline. The two tiered setting was fabricated […]

Original Diamond Pendant

12-25ND393-1 Original Diamond Pendant

The whimsical design of this original diamond pendant is indicative of the styling of our new Edgy Renaissance collection™. Designed and created by our master jewelers in Danbury Connecticut. From above this elegant pendant design shows simple clean lines, when viewed from other angles, the subtle detailed scrolling design is revealed. Rendered in white gold, […]

Tiered Emerald Necklace

NP159-1-H Tiered Emerald Necklace

The Intriguing design of this elevated Tiered Emerald Necklace captures the imagination. Handmade by our Connecticut jewelers this a 1.52 carat emerald provides a warm focal point in our geometric diamond lattice. Accompanied by round, princess, and baguette cut diamonds this unique emerald necklace was created by hand from twenty six individual strips white gold. […]

Cushion Sapphire Necklace

NP160 Cushion Sapphire Necklace

Handmade by our master jewelers, this Cushion Sapphire Necklace has an open lofty feel. The arched strands of diamonds frame our 2.54 carat sapphire and intersect with carved tendrils that reach inward to suspend this rich cobalt gemstone in open space. A simple chain slides through an intriguing jointed bail to provide motion. The bail […]

Filigree Diamond Necklace

cad289-6 Filigree Diamond Necklace

Created by our jewelry design team in Connecticut, this elegant filigree diamond necklace is reminiscent of vintage heirloom jewelry crafted in an age gone by. As part of our Edgy Renaissance™ collection, this diamond drop pendant features vented windows that exposes a field of detailed floral scrolls that gracefully ribbon throughout the design. At a glance […]

Cushion Cut Yellow Diamond Necklace

YD283-1-H Cushion Cut Yellow Diamond Necklace

The distinct contrast of fancy colored diamonds is evident in this Cushion Cut Yellow Diamond Necklace. Created from 18 kt. White gold this fancy color necklace features a 1.02 carat yellow diamond suspended in a double row of white diamonds. The striking necklace features a center cushion cut yellow diamond in a tiered setting with […]

Scrolled Lattice Necklace

YD290-1 Scrolled Lattice Necklace

The whimsical pattern in our scrolled lattice necklace provides a window allowing the colors worn beneath it to peek through. Surrounded by a continuous stream of brilliant white diamonds, delicate yellow gold scrolls are suspended in a circular white gold border. The circular diamond halo measures 22 mm across and is set with 1/3 carat […]

Handmade Ametrine Pendant

YC250-1 Handmade Ametrine Pendant

The beauty of this exquisitely Handmade Ametrine Pendant is captured in a handmade setting created by our artisans. Striking in its simplicity our jewelers captured the bubble theme that reflects throughout the stone. The repeating tapered trio of glistening spheres mirror from facet to facet, putting on a show from every angle. Our jewelers created […]

Tear Drop Emerald Necklace

NP158-1 Tear Drop Emerald Necklace

Immersed in a generous diamond grouping, this tear drop emerald is set in a handmade pave’ necklace created by local masters. This elegant necklace was created by our master jewelers in Danbury Ct. Creating A Handmade Pear Emerald Necklace This Tear Drop Emerald Necklace started with a 1.16 carat beautiful elongated pear shape emerald with […]

Black Druzy Diamond Pendant

NC706-1 Black Druzy Diamond Pendant

The uniform micro crystalline deposits of terminated druzy crystals give this unusual black quartz the appearance of a field of black diamonds. Created by our artisans in 14 kt white gold and diamonds the unusual nature of this stone assures that this is a one of a kind piece of fine jewelry. Our artisans fashioned […]

Green Tourmaline Necklace

nc705 Green Tourmaline Necklace

Green Tourmaline Lady Di Necklace Our Green Tourmaline Necklace features a captivating green stone with shades of blue give this 2.27 ct. Tourmaline character that is seen in very few gemstones. Hand made from white gold this traditional necklace design stands out from others because of the unusual green tourmaline and the methods by which […]

Pearl Halo Necklace

NC562-2 Pearl Halo Necklace

Cultured Pearl Halo Necklace Simply elegant, this roulette style cultured pearl halo necklace is suspended in a delicate convex wire undercarriage surrounded by diamonds. Created by our artisans in white gold, the spacing of the gallery between the tightly grouped diamonds and the center of this pendant dramatizes the importance of the featured pearl. The […]

Rose Gold Turquoise Necklace

NC715-1 Rose Gold Turquoise Necklace

Crafted from 14 kt rose gold, this Rose Gold Turquoise Necklace is accented by diamonds and laced with an intricate scrolled lattice under bezel. This beautiful cushion shape turquoise is bezel set and framed in a modest classic design. The bead set diamond border framing this turquoise offsets the stone lending it the refined look […]

Boulder Opal Necklace

NC641 Boulder Opal Necklace

This unusual Australian Boulder Opal Necklace is hand made from yellow and white gold with trilliant diamonds in an asymmetrical design. The gold shadow box frame was created by hand by our jewelers and is laced with interwoven wires spanning the opals face. This unique boulder opal measures nearly 2 inches in length and more […]

Tanzanite Drop Necklace

NP151-1 Tanzanite Drop Necklace

A jingling Tanzanite drop necklace set in white gold surrounded by glistening white diamonds. The movement in this beautiful Tanzanite necklace helps this pretty gemstone shimmer in the light. Crafted from 14 kt. white gold and accented by loose fitting diamond halos, this necklace lends itself to any occasion. This necklace can also be created from […]

Malachite Azurite Necklace

NC698-2 Malachite Azurite Necklace

Nature is the artist of this gem specimen Malachite Azurite necklace fabricated by hand from white gold and diamonds by our jewelry designers. Every once in a while a geological formations of minerals or semiprecious stone is found that transcends the normal value because its rarity and beauty qualify it as a gem. When this […]

Sapphire Trilliant Necklace

NP114-1 Sapphire Trilliant Necklace

Designing a Sapphire Trilliant Necklace Handmade from white gold with platinum wires and cage work, this simple triangle necklace features an intense blue brilliant 2.36 ct. sapphire surrounded by brilliant diamonds. This delicate 2 tiered Sapphire Trilliant Necklace was created by Jewelry Designs model makers from 2 pools of molten metal, 1 white gold the […]

Black White Drusy Necklace

druzy2 Black and White Drusy Necklace

Free Form Drusy Cloud Our Black White Drusy Necklace is surrounded by black and white diamonds in a handmade white gold setting. The glistening terminated crystals in our Drusy quartz are offset by contrasting black and white diamonds set in a wrap with hand cut raised beads. The reverse side of our nontraditional necklace is […]

Designer Black Opal Necklace

NC130-1 Designer Black Opal Necklace

Free Floating Black Opal Perhaps no stone is more enchanting than the one in this Designer Black Opal Necklace, and our artisans certainly captured the beauty of this in a free floating design. This magnificent 4.75 ct free form Australian black opal is laced with a stream of white gem grade diamonds totaling .85 ct.  […]

Diamond Hexagonal Necklace

C147560 Diamond Hexagonal Necklace

Filigree Diamond Necklace The Art Deco influence is easily seen in this rendering of a diamond hexagonal necklace that we recently created for a client. Our designers captured the essence of a bygone era with this simple classic pendant. Lattice work on the side of this vintage necklace design gives our detailed solitaire necklace a […]

Pear Shape Tanzanite Necklace

YC249-1 Pear Shape Tanzanite Necklace

Tanzanite Teardrop Necklace The woman wearing this Pear Shape Tanzanite Necklace will be making an elegant statement. This 19.58 carat cabochon pear shape tanzanite boasts both its size and vibrant color in the simplest way. This beautiful white gold necklace was custom designed for this gem by our master jewelers. Our bezel set tanzanite is […]

Diamond Rubellite Necklace

NP052-6 Diamond Rubellite Necklace

Rubellite Lady Di Necklace Sometimes creating a beautiful piece of jewelry requires revisiting a classic, as is the case with this beautiful Rubellite Lady Di Necklace. Although this diamond Rubellite necklace may look like other traditional necklaces it is far from typical. Our diamond Rubellite necklace is handmade from drawn gold wire forged from raw gold […]

Plique a Jour Necklace

Plique a Jour Necklace

Diamond Drop Necklace Our diamond Plique a Jour Necklace was created in 14k white gold is from our “Plique a Jour” collection. This sheer and delicate necklace features a center round diamond that jingles  in delicate fields of translucent blue ceramic. This original necklace designed and created by the artisans at Jewelry Designs!