Cushion Halo Ring

ER269-1 Cushion Halo Ring

Round In A Cushion Halo

The soft square shape of this cushion Halo Ring boasts a 1 carat round brilliant cut diamond. Our master jewelry designers surrounded the feature diamond with a delicate stream of tapered bead set diamonds and an intricate mill grain edge. The dramatic diamond halo is raised from the finger on a gently bridged shank allowing a wedding band pass beneath close to the ring. Our artisans design provides plenty of drama and enhances both size and the shape of the center diamond.

3 thoughts on “Cushion Halo Ring

  1. Nicole K. Schimek says:

    I have a 1.51 Princess cut Diamond Engagement Ring, that I want to get a Unique & Special Setting made(I have a picture of the setting that I would be excited, beyond words to be expressed) I’m asking if you’d not only like, but would be able to create the setting I want? I am inquiring about, I can tell that your jewelry is Very Beautifully Created & Very Much into the Fine Detail’s, that the setting I want has Very Fine Detail’s that I will need/want someone who’s able & trustworthy to make it. Please let me know if you’re interested in making this for me? You have my email address, but I have 2 different addresses so I will give you 1 of them now so that way you’ll be able to send me an email, it’s I’d love to hear back from you soon. Thank you,
    Nicole K. Schimek

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