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Princess Sapphire Ring


Strong bold lines meet a delicate scrolled lattice in this Princess Sapphire Ring. Continually striving to meet the challenge of designing original jewelry, our designers frequently borrow lines from vintage period jewelry and marry them with the feeling of our times. In this ring the a contemporary princess halo and crossover pattern are supported by […]

Designing an Engagement Ring


Few things in life are more rewarding than Designing an Engagement Ring for a bride to be. Knowing that the ring we are designing is both financially and emotionally one of the most valuable acquisitions a young man has made is inspirational. As if this is not incentive enough, we realize that our creation is […]

Designing Men’s Jewelry


When it comes to designing men’s jewelry, the most sought after styles are those using basic shapes and geometry as seen in this simple geometric men’s band.  Designing jewelry for men is not always easy. As jewelry designers we often find ourselves using traditional shapes and patterns, arranging them in different sequences and framing them […]

Fitted Diamond Band

C144107 Fitted Diamond Band

A graceful arched edge allows this Fitted Diamond Band to lay well against a tapered engagement ring. One of the many challenges of being a jewelry designer is to create jewelry that is both beautiful and functional. Our designers crafted this elegant diamond band with an elliptical contoured edge that hugs most bulging engagement rings. The […]

Custom Peridot & Iolite Bracelet

C150137 Custom Peridot & Iolite Bracelet

One of the great pleasures of being a jeweler is having the opportunity to work with clients who enjoy designing their own jewelry, as is the case with this Custom Peridot & Iolite Bracelet. There are few things more rewarding than to have ones work appreciated by someone who is passionate about jewelry and gemstones. […]

Creating a Handmade Golden Sapphire Ring

CP191-2 Golden Sapphire Ring

Created by our master jewelers, this Golden Sapphire ring is a rare handmade 2 tone setting. Contrasted by diamonds encircling the top and sides, the 5.27 ct. oval golden sapphire proudly glistens in our mounting. This elegant ring features gypsy set diamonds that radiate light from every angle. The Making of the Golden Sapphire Ring […]

Oval Three Carat Ruby Ring

CP198-1a Oval Three Carat Ruby Ring

Don’t be misled by the traditional stone arrangement in this Oval three Carat Ruby Ring. This Handmade ring is not your average setting. Crafted by master jewelers in platinum and 18 karat gold, our custom ring features an extraordinary Ruby weighing 3.17 carats.  Elevated in platinum prongs the surrounding diamonds total over ½ carat. The […]

Whimsical Diamond Ring

c147782-3 Tiered Emerald Necklace

With clean flowing lines showing through to the finger, this Whimsical Diamond Ring seems to float on the finger. Our jewelry designers managed to create a wide full bodied ring, while maintaining a delicate airy design. Framed by two brilliant rows of bead set diamonds that encircle the finger, this delicate scrolling design rises to […]

Cushion Sapphire Necklace

NP160 Cushion Sapphire Necklace

Handmade by our master jewelers, this Cushion Sapphire Necklace has an open lofty feel. The arched strands of diamonds frame our 2.54 carat sapphire and intersect with carved tendrils that reach inward to suspend this rich cobalt gemstone in open space. A simple chain slides through an intriguing jointed bail to provide motion. The bail […]

Filigree Diamond Necklace

cad289-6 Filigree Diamond Necklace

Created by our jewelry design team in Connecticut, this elegant filigree diamond necklace is reminiscent of vintage heirloom jewelry crafted in an age gone by. As part of our Edgy Renaissance™ collection, this diamond drop pendant features vented windows that exposes a field of detailed floral scrolls that gracefully ribbon throughout the design. At a glance […]

Plique a Jour Earrings

cad274 Plique a Jour Earrings

A dramatic field of blue draws the eye to a brilliant bouquet of diamonds in our elegant Plique a Jour Earrings. As jewelry designers, we are always excited when we have the opportunity to incorporate expanses of color into our creations. The translucent ceramic window shows through a sheer powder blue glaze that flows into […]

Emerald Cut Green Tourmaline Ring

CC111-1-H Emerald Cut Green Tourmaline Ring

Handmade from 18 kt. white gold, our jewelers created this Emerald Cut Green Tourmaline ring. The depth and color of this magnificent gem has to be seen in person to be truly appreciated. Accompanied by a matched pair of princess cut diamonds totaling .92ct, the gemstone combination spans the entire finger, vibrant with color. Designing […]

Filigree Drop Earrings

EK100-gar2 Filigree Drop Earrings

Created by our master jewelers, these delicate Filigree Drop Earrings capture the spirit of an age gone by. Fashioned from gold formed into an intricate scrolled pattern with gypsy set gemstones terminating the airy design. The gold encasement is suspended from a long French wire to give the earring a graceful free swinging motion. Our […]

Bold Pave’ Band

WD189-1 Bold Pave’ Band

Set in Platinum by our master jewelers, this bold pave’ band stands alone on any finger. Set with nearly 5 carats of brilliant fine white diamonds this elegant ring will journey through time for generations to come. Classic in appearance, there is simply no better design to spread this many glistening diamonds comfortably around the […]

Floral Vine Band

WD317-1-H Floral Vine Band

It’s in the details! Crafted from white gold this elegant floral vine band displays a continuous wandering vine with intermittent diamonds that encircle the finger. The outer edge of this ornate ring is meticulously detailed with a delicate leaf pattern to contrast and frame the floral theme. Our jewelry designers created this floral band with […]

Crossover Wedding Ring

C151208 Crossover Wedding Ring

Two Tone Crossover Wedding Ring Crafted from two tone gold this crossover pattern wedding ring is framed in contrasting metal. As is the case with most of our jewelry designs, this attractive band can be created from your choice of precious metals. Rendered here in white, yellow, and rose gold combinations this band is also […]

Handmade Ametrine Pendant

YC250-1 Handmade Ametrine Pendant

The beauty of this exquisitely Handmade Ametrine Pendant is captured in a handmade setting created by our artisans. Striking in its simplicity our jewelers captured the bubble theme that reflects throughout the stone. The repeating tapered trio of glistening spheres mirror from facet to facet, putting on a show from every angle. Our jewelers created […]

Scrolled Princess Diamond Ring

C141212-1 Scrolled Princess Diamond Ring

The beauty is in the details of this Scrolled Princess Diamond Ring! Created by our artisans, this rendering features vented panels with lofty billowing ribbons of precious metal. Part of our Edgy Lace collection, the hard lines of traditional jewelry is softened by a subtle element of lace. The discrete rolling scrolls inside of clean […]

Tear Drop Emerald Necklace

NP158-1 Tear Drop Emerald Necklace

Immersed in a generous diamond grouping, this tear drop emerald is set in a handmade pave’ necklace created by local masters. This elegant necklace was created by our master jewelers in Danbury Ct. Creating A Handmade Pear Emerald Necklace This Tear Drop Emerald Necklace started with a 1.16 carat beautiful elongated pear shape emerald with […]

Oval Diamond Pave’ Ring

RD177-1 Oval Diamond Pave’ Ring

Our designers framed this Oval Diamond with polished gypsy set caps contrasted by brilliant pave’ set diamonds that span the upper half of our ring. Breaking tradition, they are presenting this .80 carat oval diamond on a horizontal plane. The billowing design is bold enough to boast the stone and simple enough to be worn […]

Green Tourmaline Necklace

nc705 Green Tourmaline Necklace

Green Tourmaline Lady Di Necklace Our Green Tourmaline Necklace features a captivating green stone with shades of blue give this 2.27 ct. Tourmaline character that is seen in very few gemstones. Hand made from white gold this traditional necklace design stands out from others because of the unusual green tourmaline and the methods by which […]

Delicate Trellis Ring

C146962 Delicate Trellis Ring

Every graceful line has a purpose. Created by our artisans, the delicate trellis ring in this rendering was crafted from platinum and set with glistening gem grade diamonds. Using continuous curves our designers created gentle overlapping series tapered of platinum prongs to be shared by each diamond. Their efforts resulted in this crossover lattice design […]

Detailed Engagement Ring

ER314-2 Detailed Engagement Ring

This detailed engagement ring is reminiscent of works from the early 1920’s Art Deco period. With a delicate pattern along the lower shank of the ring and petite eyelets bead set with glistening diamonds, this vintage engagement style captures an era when ornate fashion was the statement of the day. Our jewelers designed this ring […]

Rose Gold Turquoise Necklace

NC715-1 Rose Gold Turquoise Necklace

Crafted from 14 kt rose gold, this Rose Gold Turquoise Necklace is accented by diamonds and laced with an intricate scrolled lattice under bezel. This beautiful cushion shape turquoise is bezel set and framed in a modest classic design. The bead set diamond border framing this turquoise offsets the stone lending it the refined look […]

Malachite Azurite Necklace

NC698-2 Malachite Azurite Necklace

Nature is the artist of this gem specimen Malachite Azurite necklace fabricated by hand from white gold and diamonds by our jewelry designers. Every once in a while a geological formations of minerals or semiprecious stone is found that transcends the normal value because its rarity and beauty qualify it as a gem. When this […]

Creating Matching Wedding Ring

C150162 Wedding Ring

Fitted Wedding Ring One of the most common challenges for a jewelry designer is creating matching wedding ring to fit up against an existing engagement style. Very often antique and vintage family rings that are no longer in production can not be partnered with stock bands. Many engagement rings that where created by old world […]

Sapphire Trilliant Necklace

NP114-1 Sapphire Trilliant Necklace

Designing a Sapphire Trilliant Necklace Handmade from white gold with platinum wires and cage work, this simple triangle necklace features an intense blue brilliant 2.36 ct. sapphire surrounded by brilliant diamonds. This delicate 2 tiered Sapphire Trilliant Necklace was created by Jewelry Designs model makers from 2 pools of molten metal, 1 white gold the […]

Black White Drusy Necklace

druzy2 Black and White Drusy Necklace

Free Form Drusy Cloud Our Black White Drusy Necklace is surrounded by black and white diamonds in a handmade white gold setting. The glistening terminated crystals in our Drusy quartz are offset by contrasting black and white diamonds set in a wrap with hand cut raised beads. The reverse side of our nontraditional necklace is […]

Designer Black Opal Necklace

NC130-1 Designer Black Opal Necklace

Free Floating Black Opal Perhaps no stone is more enchanting than the one in this Designer Black Opal Necklace, and our artisans certainly captured the beauty of this in a free floating design. This magnificent 4.75 ct free form Australian black opal is laced with a stream of white gem grade diamonds totaling .85 ct.  […]

Diamond Rubellite Necklace

NP052-6 Diamond Rubellite Necklace

Rubellite Lady Di Necklace Sometimes creating a beautiful piece of jewelry requires revisiting a classic, as is the case with this beautiful Rubellite Lady Di Necklace. Although this diamond Rubellite necklace may look like other traditional necklaces it is far from typical. Our diamond Rubellite necklace is handmade from drawn gold wire forged from raw gold […]

Man’s Diamond Baguette Ring

C144269-1 Man’s Diamond Baguette Ring

Masculine Men’s Diamond Ring Our artisans created this masculine diamond ring featuring a 1 carat center diamond surrounded by 2.82 carats of tapered baguettes. This handsome Man’s Diamond Baguette Ring boasts a pierced plaid lattice pattern on the outer edge of the shank. The bottom of the ring is formed as a squared European shank, […]

Ethiopian Opal Earrings

EC895-1 Ethiopian Opal Earrings

Bezel Opal Earrings Nature is the artist of this pair of simple Bezel Opal Earrings. Although opal is the birthstone for October it remains a favorite among jewelry fanatics everywhere. Fine opal from Australia has been prized for centuries. More recently Ethiopia has yielded gem color opals as seen in this pair of Ethiopian Opal […]

Vintage Engagement Ring

C146497 Vintage Engagement Ring

Vintage Art Deco Ring Extreme attention to detail is evident on the Vintage art deco ring design in this illustration. Our Vintage Engagement Ring design features a center 1 carat diamond highlighted by accent diamonds in the spirit of rings that where created by old world jewelers from the early 20th century. The “Deco” influence […]

Sapphire Bracelet Earring Set

Sapphire Bracelet Earring Set

Sapphires and Baguettes If you like Sapphires and Baguettes you must see this fascinating link bracelet and hoop earring design. This magnificent sapphire bracelet earring set is simple and clean in design yet the dominance of the gemstones makes this set a dynamic combination that will grab all eyes in the room. Create a Sapphire […]

Emerald Cut Diamond Halo Ring

ER325-2 Emerald Cut Diamond Halo Ring

Emerald Cut Diamond in a Halo This Emerald Cut Diamond Halo Ring is simply elegant. The ring features a 1 carat center diamond accompanied by bead set white diamonds with a crossover lattice design. The outer band of diamonds can continue around the finger in an eternity fashion or stop half way. Designing the Emerald […]

Ocean Jasper Leaf Brooch

PC007-6 Ocean Jasper Leaf Brooch

Carved Jasper Brooch A handmade white gold Ocean Jasper Leaf Brooch created by our jewelry designers to announce the fall season. This detailed carving of a leaf from ocean jasper features diamond dew drops to secure the carving in the artistic setting. Jewelry Designs by Hand As with all handmade jewelry designs this jasper brooch […]