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Wedding Rings

At Jewelry Designs we make all of our wedding rings and wedding bands, selling one ring at a time in our jewelry store in Danbury CT. Our wedding ring designers have been creating wedding rings for over three decades. In our state of the art jewelry shop we make platinum wedding rings, gold wedding rings and white gold wedding rings daily. Thousands of satisfied couples throughout the northeast are wearing Jewelry Designs wedding rings. From the simplest gold band to the most elaborate platinum bands, our artisans have been making wedding rings that will exceed our client’s expectations for generations to come.

Since we design your wedding ring specifically for you, you can choose from a wide variety of precious metals. You can select from yellow gold wedding rings, white gold wedding rings, platinum wedding rings or rose gold wedding bands. You can choose any karat of metal or combination of precious metals imaginable. Our wedding ring designers will craft 18k wedding bands, 14k wedding rings or 2 tone or tricolor gold bands.

In our elegant jewelry store you will also see examples of 24k gold bands and handmade platinum bands. All of these bands and bridal rings are offered in a variety of finishes that range from classic textures, seen on hammered wedding rings, mill grain wedding bands and Florentine wedding bands, to original wedding rings with exotic finishes.

Making a wedding ring selection is easy in our comfortable showroom. After you review our large selection of designer wedding rings our artisans will design wedding rings for you, in your exact size, and include any alterations or changes that you desire. In many instances, couples conceive new wedding ring ideas after they are inspired by the wedding rings on display in our wedding band collection. If you become inspired to make custom wedding rings, our wedding ring designers will work closely with you to customize wedding bands to meet your individual taste.

If there is one ring in your life that deserves all of this attention to detail it is your wedding band. Making your wedding ring is important to us. We know that your wedding set will be worn for a lifetime, and you are relying on us to leave a lasting impression.

Bridal Sets

If you are interested in bridal sets then you will love the bridal ring set options at Jewelry Designs. The bridal ring sets on display in our elegant jewelry store are all expertly crafted by leading jewelry designers and bridal ring artisans here in our jewelry factory in Danbury CT. Every bridal set in our showroom has been crafted to the highest standards, to ensure that your bridal rings will be worn and enjoyed by you with confidence for years to come.

Along with beautiful bridal sets for woman, we have bridal bands for men. Many people looking for matching ring sets for both men and woman become frustrated when they realize that they have to forfeit their personal style to accommodate the needs of their partner. Face it, there are not many diamond bridal sets designed for a bride that are intended to appeal to the groom.

At Jewelry Designs we have a solution for this. Our bridal ring designers borrow subtle accents from the designs of the woman’s bridal set and incorporate them into the design of the groom’s wedding ring. The key to a bridal set is that the rings have a sentimental tie to one another. This does not mean that the grooms ring should look exactly like the brides ring, or lack masculinity. Likewise, the brides wedding set should not surrender its delicate design or feminine beauty to appeal to that of the groom.

One of the specialties of our wedding set designers is the ability to match an existing ring. Women will often show up in our jewelry store with engagement rings purchased elsewhere that they cannot find a match to. There are many brides to be who have a difficult time finding a matching rings to go alongside of their diamond ring.

There is no need to worry. At Jewelry Designs we will help you custom design a matching wedding ring that will fit alongside of your existing ring. Our wedding ring designers will show you the ways custom bridal sets can be made from the design of your ring. Our wedding ring designers have been working with people just like you creating matching wedding sets for over three decades.

Men’s Wedding Rings

The range of designs available in men’s wedding rings is greater than any other time in history. The variety of metals, gemstones and finishes that men’s wedding ring designs are created from are more diverse than ever. The overall acceptance of men’s fashion jewelry over the past several decades has opened endless possibilities in design and materials. Today men are more expressive in their style and open minded to design, as is reflected in the men’s bands that we have created in our showroom.

At Jewelry Designs we create all of the men’s bands that you will see in our original jewelry store. From simple men’s gold bands, to men’s platinum diamond bands, each ring is individually crafted by our master jewelers here in our designer jewelry store. Our master jewelers have been making high quality men’s platinum wedding rings and men’s gold wedding bands out of our location in Danbury since 1980.

The typical guy searching for wedding rings is focused on the ring that his fiancé will want. After all she has probably been dreaming of her wedding ring for years, whereas the average male has not even given it a thought until he proposes. Most men when asked by our staff what they are looking for will respond that they just want a plain men’s band. All of this begins to change as they start trying on men’s wedding rings. After trying on a few men’s wedding bands a whole new world of possibilities opens up. For many men this will be the time that they will realize that a men’s wedding ring should reflect his style and personality. Through positive feedback and coaching from his bride to be and our staff, the groom will learn to become comfortable trying on bands. Once comfortable with the process, most men open their minds to a wider range of men’s wedding band designs than they ever would have imagined.

Wedding rings for men feature a wide area to display design. A man’s wedding ring is the perfect palate for jewelry artisans to establish designs or patterns. The width of men’s bands allows for themes or patterns to be etched or sculpted without forfeiting masculinity. Wide men’s wedding rings allow for patterns to be established while leaving enough room to frame the design with a masculine border.

The broad surface of men’s wedding bands allows for a wide variety of themes to be used, as seen in southwestern bands, Celtic wedding bands, men’s hammered bands and nearly any theme imaginable that can be created as custom men’s wedding bands.

Stone Wedding Rings

With the incredible rainbow of colored gemstones available today it is no wonder that stone wedding rings are as popular as they are. Stone wedding rings are made in nearly every color imaginable. Many times a bride will select stone wedding rings because of a favorite color, or perhaps an emerald wedding ring compliments her skin tone, hair color, or eyes. Other times we are commissioned to design stone wedding rings that contain symbolic birthstones. Our artisans stylize birthstone wedding rings can be used as anniversary rings, or simply as stone wedding bands. These stone wedding bands will often feature a birthstone representing the individual, the children or the entire family.

If you are looking for a gemstone band, one of your primary concerns should be the durability of the gemstones in your ring. Colored gemstone bands can be very beautiful and meaningful but they lack the durability of diamond wedding bands. Since there are no colored stones used in wedding rings that will be as durable as a diamond it is important to work with a jeweler who will help you to select a stone wedding ring design that will provide you with maximum durability and protection for your precious gems in the ring.

Soft or brittle gems should not be used in designs that are exposed to extreme wear and tear. Be wary of designs that go all the way around the finger such as eternity rings. Soft gemstones in wedding rings should be protected by their settings and positioned in a way that they are less apt to be damaged in daily wear. In most cases stone wedding rings are worn next to a taller diamond engagement ring, which will help to protect the gemstone band as long as the gemstones do not continue too far around the finger.

The most durable stone wedding rings are sapphire bands and ruby wedding rings. Sapphire and ruby are both second in durability to the diamond. This is one of the reasons that ruby and sapphire wedding bands are in the highest demand.

The most popular colored stone bands are by far sapphire wedding bands. The durability of sapphires combined with the popularity of the color blue has caused sapphire bands and sapphire diamond wedding bands to become the most popular of the gemstone bands. Sapphire wedding rings and diamond sapphire bands provide durability, and the deep cobalt blue coloring of the stone provides a strong contrast to any diamond ring.

Today, many woman use colored stone wedding bands for stacking. Colored stone stacking bands can consist of different colors, which can be interchangeable with contrasting colors. Stacker bands can be arranged on the finger, or worn with discretion depending on your wardrobe selection on any given day. Having a variety of stackable bands in a variety of colors can provide you with a lot of diversity with your wedding set.

When To Order Wedding Rings

At Jewelry Designs we are commonly asked when the best time to order wedding rings is; the answer to this is that you can never start too soon. As your wedding day approaches it becomes apparent that you have plenty to concern yourself with in the final weeks before your wedding day. So get started planning your wedding rings as early as possible.

We occasionally encounter customers who remember seeing showcases full of wedding rings in our jewelry store, and they assume that they can run in last minute and just pick one out. Very few jewelry stores will stock your specific size in a wedding ring. Most jewelry stores will have to order the ring in your size, which may take many weeks, but at Jewelry Designs we make our wedding rings on site.

Our wedding rings typically only take 2-4 weeks to create. Still, we recommend that you start the process at least 4-6 months ahead of time. At this point in your lives you do not need additional stress. It is very comforting to know that your wedding rings are completed. Once you know that they fit properly and look great on your hand you can check one more thing off your wedding list. There will be enough last minute things to do with fittings, cakes and caterers.

The History of Wedding Bands

While you are looking for bridal sets you might be interested to know a bit about the history of wedding bands and where the tradition began. The use of wedding rings can be traced back to Egyptian times, when reeds and grasses were braided and intertwined into rings. The braided circles were said to be worn as a symbol of eternal love. The original Egyptian thatched rings where worn on the fourth finger to symbolize never-ending love. Variations of the tradition were carried on by the Romans, Arabs and Europeans throughout history. The wedding ring is now known as the symbol of love and commitment throughout most of the modern world, and it is a forgone assumption here in America that all marriages will include the statement “with this ring I thee wed”.

Wedding Ring Guarantee

Jewelry Designs wedding ring guarantee is simple and straightforward. Since we make all of our wedding rings, we hold ourselves personally responsible for any issue resulting from faulty workmanship. Simply put, if something is wrong with any jewelry designs wedding ring due to faulty workmanship we take care of it. It’s a fair way of doing business.

That being said, precious metals can slowly erode over time, and stones occasionally incur chips or damage through wear. Through routine maintenance and periodic inspections, our jewelers will polish your wedding bands and secure loose stones while you wait at no cost to you. If during inspection we diagnose that routine wear is developing, we will report it to you upon inspection and recommend any additional service that is needed. When normal wear occurs, repairs are done by our master jewelers on site at the normal repair fee.

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