Custom Wedding Rings

Custom Wedding Rings

Do you prefer to put their own spin on things? If you are a the kind of person that likes things to be a bit different from the rest of the crowd then you may be the perfect candidate for custom wedding rings. The process of designing customized wedding rings is rewarding. When you design your own wedding ring it will be sentimental and meaningful for all of the years that you wear it. There is a definite sense of pride and accomplishment when you receive compliments on your original custom wedding bands that that you have designed. In today’s cookie cutter world it is nice to own personalized wedding rings.

Along with the sentimental value in designing your own wedding ring, it will be the one piece of jewelry most likely to be worn everyday for the rest of your life exactly the way you like it. In short, there is no substitute for the pride and satisfaction you will have after you design your own wedding ring.

For most people the idea of designing a wedding ring can be a bit overwhelming at first. There is no reason to worry; the process of designing wedding rings is simple. Custom designing your wedding rings does not have to be as complicated as it sounds. Designing wedding rings typically begins when you browse the hundreds of existing band designs in our showroom. As you try on rings you may decide to change smaller diamonds to larger diamonds, or alter the shape or style of a band to by adding some design elements from another ring you see. Our diverse selection of wedding rings will allow you to point out the details that you are and are not looking for, and soon you will be able to visualize the possibility of owning your own custom wedding ring.

Custom wedding rings can also be inspired by ideas that you have been dreaming of for years. In some cases, custom bands are derived from a memory of a ring that was owned by a relative, and at Jewelry Designs we can help you to design a wedding ring that brings your memory back to life. Still, for most women the inspiration for wedding ring design is based off of her engagement ring. Either way we will design the ring she has been dreaming of.

At Jewelry Designs we design many custom men’s bands. Some of these customized men’s wedding rings have themes, emblems, symbols, or Initials sculpted into them. Custom men’s wedding rings can also be personalized bands with lettering or messages engraved or sculpted around the ring. We make custom religious wedding bands such as wedding rings with crosses or the Star of David. Custom bands often feature ethnic themes as is the case with Celtic Wedding Rings.

Theme rings are always a hit. Grape vines wedding rings for the wine lover, equestrian wedding rings for the horse lover, and custom floral wedding rings for the gardener. The list goes on from pets to nature scenes; we can design your custom wedding rings to meet your wildest dreams.

If you have not been able to find a wedding ring that excites you, or you have already determined that you desire custom wedding rings you owe it to yourself to visit Jewelry Designs in Danbury CT. At Jewelry Designs our master jewelers have been creating custom wedding rings in platinum, gold and diamonds since 1980. Thousands of satisfied customers throughout New York, Connecticut and the tri-state area have been wearing high quality custom bands made by the artisans at Jewelry Designs.

Design Wedding Rings

Design Wedding Rings

Many people are reluctant to consider the idea that they can design wedding rings; sometimes the thought of designing anything in life can seem a bit out of the norm. Often couples tend to stumble onto the idea of designing a wedding ring without the intent to do so at the start of their quest. While spending countless hours searching for the perfect wedding band they discover elements of design in everyday wedding rings that they don’t want, and start to form convictions about the styles that they desire most. Before long they become excited by the prospect of incorporating these characteristics in their own customized wedding rings.

At Jewelry Designs our wedding ring designers will help you to find a theme or a concept that you desire. While you are reviewing the large selection of wedding rings in our showroom our designers will help you to determine your likes and dislikes and the possibilities. Once you zero in on the elements of style that you desire, our jewelry designers will help you to form your own ideas. Before long you will be designing your own wedding band. Most people who have been through the wedding band designing process started with no intention to custom design wedding rings. Somehow once you begin trying on wedding bands you gain a better understanding of your own styling. Through viewing wedding rings with a qualified wedding ring designer who understands your taste you will gain comfort as it becomes easy for you to understand the possibilities. Looking at bridal rings with a skilled jewelry designer will make it easy for you to visualize ways to customize your wedding rings. Once the excitement begins it will not be long before your custom wedding rings magically take shape.

If you happen to be an artist, designer, architect or engineer you may already have a well-developed wedding ring design in mind. Together we can review your design and work out the mechanics of making your custom wedding rings. Our technicians will work closely with you to discuss any limitations and feasibility issues that you may have. Our Master jewelers will be happy to help you create the custom wedding rings of your dreams.

Fitted Wedding Rings

Fitted Wedding Rings

For many brides to be, finding a matching wedding ring to fit alongside of an unusual engagement ring can be frustrating. If you have one of those rings that does not seem to look attractive alongside of any of the bands you have been trying on then you are a candidate for a custom wedding band. When you become engaged, the ring you receive becomes the ring of your dreams. Then you set out to locate the perfect match only to find that the wedding rings you are seeing look hideous with your ring.

There is no question that the style and appearance of the ring you received for your engagement will change identity when it is worn next to a band. At Jewelry Designs we will help you to establish a set of goals that will help you to create a custom bridal set.

Our wedding ring designers will introduce you to the three possibilities you have to create a beautiful custom bridal set. You can either frame your existing ring by creating a simple border, or you can match its design and styling exactly. The last possibility is to transform its identity completely by having the custom wedding ring change the character of your existing design. After seeing examples that demonstrate these three possibilities you will develop strong opinions about which direction you choose to pursue.

This is when we do our magic. For over 30 years our wedding ring designers and master jewelers have specialized in making fitted wedding bands. We customize wedding bands that cannot be found in the traditional market place. Your custom wedding ring will be specifically designed to fit your unusual diamond ring.

Our wedding ring designers are most proud of their work when they are able to provide a sense of happiness and relief to any concerned bride who discovers her seemingly impossible ring situation has resulted in a beautiful wedding set. The satisfaction that we get from transforming a worried bride to a glowing bride when she sees our final creation cannot be described. As she places her custom wedding band alongside of her engagement ring her face will light up, and the relief in her eyes assures us that she will happily wear her custom wedding set for a lifetime.