Celtic Wedding Rings

Celtic Wedding Rings

Celtic wedding rings are sought after by people of nearly every nationality. For a person of non-Irish descent the appeal is the artistic design of the continuous Celtic knots. For a person of Irish descent the Celtic wedding band symbolizes their national heritage. Whatever the attraction there is no denying that the Celtic weave designs patterned around Celtic bands have a timeless appeal for both men and women.

There seems to be no end to the use of weaves influenced by Celtic design. Celtic wedding rings are available in so many patterns that the themes for Celtic wedding bands seem unlimited. Some of our Celtic rings are made with patterns that you can view through to the finger; while other Celtic bands that we create are delicate and lacey, suited for the graceful hands of a woman.

Many of Jewelry Designs Celtic wedding styles are created on wider bands. These bands typically feature a weave or Celtic knot sculpted on a solid background. Most often, these Celtic ring patterns are bordered by polished edges to frame the design. The border framing the pattern highlights the delicate weave. Wider borders provide the masculine look necessary to create men’s Celtic bands.

At Jewelry Designs in Danbury CT our showroom features a wide variety of Celtic wedding rings that have all been made right here in our jewelry store. Our master jewelers create high quality gold Celtic bands, white gold Celtic rings and platinum Celtic wedding bands.

You will see trinity knot rings and a wide variety of Celtic band designs in both 14k and 18k gold. We create two tone and tricolor gold Celtic wedding bands regularly. Our master jewelers have been making Celtic rings in our one of a kind jewelry store since 1980.

If you are thinking about Celtic wedding rings you owe it to yourself to visit our showroom in western Connecticut just over the New York line in Danbury. Our jewelry designers will show you Celtic knot bands and a wide variety of Celtic jewelry designs. If you do not find a Celtic band in our showcases, the artisans of Jewelry Designs will custom design a Celtic ring just for you. Custom wedding rings are our specialty, and we have created custom Celtic wedding rings for satisfied clients just like you for over 30 years. Your custom Celtic ring will be made on approval. You have no obligation to purchase your Celtic wedding band until you are 100% satisfied with it.

Claddagh Wedding Rings
Claddagh Wedding Rings

Irish wedding rings and Irish wedding band designs go beyond that of Celtic band designs to include claddagh rings. The traditional claddagh ring commonly known as the Irish wedding ring consists of gold hands clasping a heart which is usually topped with a crown. Claddagh bands have been popular in Ireland and the UK since the mid 1700’s where they gained status both as engagement and wedding bands.

Today the claddagh ring is popular in wide circles and has spread from Ireland and Western Europe to the United States. Next time you are amongst a crowd take notice, you are bound to find someone wearing a Claddagh ring. At Jewelry Designs we make many variations of yellow gold claddagh rings, white gold claddagh rings and even platinum claddagh rings.

The hands that clasp the heart on a claddagh ring are intended to symbolize friendship, and of course the heart in the hands is a reference to love, while the crown represents loyalty in a relationship.

It is widely understood in modern lore that a claddagh ring worn on the right hand, with the heart facing away from the wearer, indicates that the person wearing the claddagh is not in a relationship. When the claddagh band is worn with the heart directed at the wearer they are in a romantic relationship. By switching the claddagh ring to the wedding hand it indicates that the ring is being worn as an engagement ring, or as a claddagh wedding ring.

The claddagh ring, or the Irish wedding ring as it is sometimes known, exists in a wide variety of styles. Both men’s claddagh rings and ladies claddagh rings are commonly worn in today’s society. The rings are made in every shape and size imaginable. Some of our claddagh designs consist simply of the hands, heart and crown. Other rings that we design have the claddagh pattern sculpted into a wider gold or platinum ring.

At Jewelry Designs we can make diamond claddagh rings with a small diamond in the heart, or claddagh rings featuring the crown laced with diamonds. Some of our diamond claddagh rings use colored stone to symbolize the heart in the design, while others feature a single large heart shape diamond. The heart shape gem is then topped with a crown encrusted with smaller diamonds for even more sparkle.

Some of the more popular styles include emerald claddagh rings. The emerald claddagh can feature a field of rich green emeralds set in the heart and crown, or a single heart shape emerald in the center of the design.

At Jewelry Designs we make all of the claddagh rings that we sell right here in our jewelry factory. Our shop is located in Danbury CT where you can watch our jewelers at work if you visit our location just over the New York line in Connecticut. We will be happy to make a custom claddagh ring to meet your specifications on approval.