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When you think of jewelry what comes to mind? For some people fashion jewelry is an ornamental accessory used to compliment a wardrobe. For others jewelry is used to express their personality. Some jewelry wearers see jewelry as an artistic statement, and yet some may choose to wear it for its sentimental expression to mark an occasion.

While most rings are used to show commitment in a marriage, mother’s rings celebrate the birth of a child. Jewelry, such as religious jewelry, may be used to represent ones faith or the memory of a loved one. With all of these possibilities it is inevitable that most fine jewelry will become sentimental.

Jewelry is often given as a gift on an important holiday, anniversary, or birthday. What young woman does not admire her mother’s diamond ring, and what young man does not desire his father’s family crest ring. The combination of sentiment, value, and durability make jewelry the one item most likely to be passed on for generations.

Jewelry By Jewelry Designs

At Jewelry Designs we realize the significance a piece of jewelry can have in your life. After all it is our chosen field of endeavor. At our unique jewelry store in western Connecticut we do more than just sell fashion jewelry, we make it. Fine platinum, gold, diamond and gemstone fashion jewelry is made right here in our jewelry store in Danbury everyday.  We design rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings here in our jewelry shop at incredibly high quality standards. With our team of master jewelers, extensive shop, and gallery it is no wonder Jewelry Designs is a leader in jewelry sales and service.

Designer Jewelry

At Jewelry Designs creating high quality designer jewelry comes easily to us. As jewelers, we have had the unique opportunity to work directly with our clients as they are buying jewelry. For years, we have listened to first hand stories of the events and occasions in which our jewelry is given, and of our recipients reactions. As time goes on, we see these clients who continue to remind us of how our jewelry creations are still being worn and appreciated today.

Through this direct contact with our jewelry customers we have learned what it is that they enjoy most about our jewelry creations. Working directly with the customer heightens our accountability. What greater motivation could an artisan have than to talk to the person will enjoy their artistic works? In the end, we derive great satisfaction from knowing that the jewelry that we have made is likely to be the gift that is opened last.

Jewelry Service

Along with all of the pride and accountability we have in our jewelry comes our commitment to service. The best part of owning jewelry from Jewelry Designs is our service. We are flattered when you choose to purchase fine jewelry with us, and seeing as we have so many unique capabilities at our disposal our comprehensive shop and master jewelers are always on hand to serve you. Bring your Jewelry Designs jewelry into our store any time you are visiting the Danbury area and we will refresh it. Your jewelry will be professionally cleaned and polished for you while you browse our showroom. We will tighten any loose gemstones and inspect your jewelry while you wait. Our goal is to be your jeweler for life, and we strive to satisfy your every jewelry shopping need.

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