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What is diamond melee?

By Robert Underhill

       “Melee” is the term used by jewelers and diamond dealers to classify small diamonds that weigh .18 carats and less. The use of diamond melee in jewelry makes up the largest portion of the worlds diamond consumption. Individual diamonds are cut as small as .0025 carats requiring 400 stones to equal 1 caratin weight. These diamonds which are smaller than the head of a pin can be cut with 58 precision facets, and are available in qualities ranging from high gem to low commercial.

        Diamond melee is used in jewelry as secondary accents, as well as the featured attraction in clusters or fields of pave. Diamond melee are available in a wide range of values ranging from $50 per carat to thousands per carat depending on the quality of the stones. The dazzling fire and scintillation of high color well cut diamond melee can separate extraordinary jewelry from run of the mill.

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