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How to fit rings to Arthritic and Enlarged Knuckles

Wearing your rings on enlarged knuckles can be frustrating and uncomfortable. When a ring fits properly it will slide over the knuckle with some resistance and lay on the finger without spinning. When the knuckle of the finger is enlarged or swollen the ring will pass over the knuckle with some resistance and the heavy portion of the ring will fall to the bottom of the finger.

Large knuckles can be the result of:


A newly injured finger may take several months to return to its final size, and may never return to its original size, so it is not advised to re size a ring immediately after an injury.

Bone Structure

If the large knuckle is a result of natural bone structure, your rings can be modified by some of the processes below


If the large knuckle is a result of maturing, your rings can be modified by some of the processes below. These modifications may have to be adjusted as you continue to mature.


If you have arthritis your knuckles may be inflamed and painful making it difficult to struggle with a tight ring. It is also likely that the size of your knuckle will vary from day to day.

Option 1 - Anti Roll Beads

If your knuckle is slightly larger than the inside of your finger anti roll beads can be installed in your ring. This process is reasonably non invasive and involves the addition of 2 small mounds, or beads which are constructed of the same metal as your ring. The mounds are soldered into the bottom of your ring to prevent the ring from rolling around on your finger. The Anti roll beads are very effective, surprisingly comfortable and a bit less expensive than other options.

Option 2 - Spring Bar

If your knuckle is too large for anti roll beads or your knuckle size varies from day to day you may choose to have a spring bar installed. The spring bar is usually constructed from white spring gold. The spring gold is rolled into a thin flat strip and is soldered or laser welded into your ring. The spring compresses when your finger is inserted into the ring and expands after it passes over the knuckle.

Option 3 - Adjustable Shank

One of the most effective methods of fitting a ring over enlarged knuckles an adjustable shank. Adjustable shanks open like a bracelet and allow the knuckle t fit into the ring. After the ring is positioned on the finger the latch is closed and the ring will fit the inner part of the finger.

Installation of an adjustable shank requires that the lower half of the ring is removed and replaced with a clasping mechanism constructed from the same precious metal as the host ring.

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